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Final installment of the Nak Muay (Fighter) series

THAILAND | Monday, 10 January 2011 | Views [1372] | Comments [1]

 I have finished my training with a fight last night and now will fly out to Nepal to start the next adventure- Trekking Mt Everest. I will go to around 6000 meters (just above Base Camp) which should take me a total of about 3 weeks… More on that later


It has been a strange few weeks. I stacked my scooter about a fortnight ago when riding up to Phuket town. A women on a bike came out a side street without looking and forced me to lay the bike down. After tumbling down the road I ended up with a nice bit of gravel rash, a few bumps and a broken laptop which was in my backpack.

This made training difficult until the wounds healed, difficult for me as hitting bags or pads with large bits of skin missing off your feet hurts and means they don’t heal. Ronee my trainer felt no discomfort watching it as he reminded me laughing numerous times each day.

It was a quiet New Years Eve as I trained until 8pm and then went home for dinner. I stayed up to see the fireworks but alas didn’t even have a solitary drink to welcome the new year.  5.30am New Years day is a time I have seen before but never sober and never in training gear running 10kms before a 3 hour workout.  The camp closed for 3 days over New Year for everyone except 3 of us with fights coming up. Tuk the camp manager took over my training to get me ready for the final leg. It was brutal, the sessions went longer and longer and but I knew I was getting stronger.

I tried asking Ronee and Hehm a few times about my opponent but they wouldn’t tell me anything just to keep training hard. I guess the idea being that they would train me for the fight and probably wanted to keep my head clear…nothing hard about that

During week the fight posters came out and were plastered around Phuket, not a good photo of me (I looked crossed eyed). The fight was scheduled for Friday night in Bangla Stadium, Patong which is the biggest stadium in Phuket.

I started carb loading two days before the fight and basically just chilling and letting the muscles and joints heal up from training before the big day. On fight day I spent a few hours at the beach to relax and instead managed to get sunburnt…iggit.

I went to the stadium with Tuk in his pimped out Escalade fitted with disco lights and 1000w speakers. When I arrived at the stadium I find some 50 plus supporters from the camp and neighborhood, including the manager of my apartment, the guy I rented my scooter from and the lady from a nearby restaurant. The Stadium is a sellout and the queue to get in runs around the corner. As I walked in I notice I am top billing scheduled for the 9th and final fight of the night…This is the last thing I wanted.

I thought I had the nerves under control but once I realize the amount of people here to watch me the butterflies start and having to wait for 8 other fights first doesn’t help. I wanted to fight early on the card so I can have a beer while watching the rest. It takes about 2 hours for all the other fights to complete. Time which I spend in the locker room watching them on TV and do some stretching. I then get my hands tapped. They look and feel like I have knuckled-dusters on as in Muay Thai it is standard to created hard taped knuckles which you then slip into these tiny 8oz gloves ( I spar in 18oz gloves so I don’t hurt people).  The younger guys in the fight camp are my entourage, they cover me in Thai boxer liniment (like deep heat) and help with stretching in warming up.  This is where one of them makes a small mistake. Pom is about 10 years old and while he is chatting with me he lets slip that my opponent fought professional in Bangkok for 10 years and has had hundreds of fights.  Damn that is a lot more experience than I expected. Pom must see it on my face and says “don’t worry he lost Lumpinee belt”  great my opponent had a Thailand title fight in the past….

As I make my way down to the ring I again see the size of the crowd and I start to steal myself that I don’t give a crap about his experience as I trained hard for this and I can win.

I did a condensed version of the Wai Kru as the crowd had already seen this 8 times that night and I just wanted to get to fighting and winning… When I finish the crowd starts with “aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi” which I enjoyed.

I don’t intend doing a round by round of the fight as a video is coming out. Short to say that while I won I was somewhat disappointed with my performance. Nerves got to me and my form was poor. I let my head go down a number of times and could have gotten knocked out by a knee to the head. My clinch should have been stronger and my hand combinations were poor. But I knocked him out and took the win so I am stoked about that. I knew my first pro fight would be a tough affair but damn that was hard work.

My body took a few good shots and I woke today with good bruising and plenty of swelling. It will be soft food for today as the jaw is sore, the legs are battered and the ribs are bruised and tender. 

I achieved all of my goals and in fact surpassed a few. I trained like a Thai, with the Thai’s in Thailand. I got fit and lost weight to get down to cruiser weight division. I fought a far more experienced (but out of shape) opponent who I over came to collect a win.  I need to keep going with my training and continue to drop more weight, perhaps a long walk up a steep hill will help

I have a few days off now before the next adventure.

On the 12th January I fly from Bangkok to Nepal (via India) and will spend 3 weeks in the Himalayas where I will climb Mount Everest to approx 6000 meters (the peak is just over 8000). I will trek to Everest Base Camp and continue on to Kala Pattar peak before trekking back to Kathmandu.

 The next blog will be about a walk up a mountain.


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Well done mate - can't wait for the video

  Kingy Jan 10, 2011 6:34 PM

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