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Simple and Healthy Kind of Life

About maservita

I am currently taking my bachelors in journalism, I enjoy taking pictures of my surroundings, I love exercising, doing outdoor activities, right at the moment I am into inline rollerskating, love music and I spend time listening as well. Currently living in Venezuela, a place where I was born and raised, although I lived, worked and studied in the U.S.A in the past.
I am very self sufficient, independent, I was raised by a single and divorced mother and being the oldest I learnt how to be capable of doing anything and everything, I do push myself a lot, not to be "perfect" but to make a better person out of me.

We need to put effort (all of us) to improve ourselves, our lives cuz society NEEDS (urgent) GOOD role models but in order to do that... we, each of us, need to know who we truly are and that's a process, a hardcore process... let me tell you, it's not easy to find what you're here for (on earth). We all are here for some reason, and at the end we all have to work together.

NOTE: I'm young I lose it from time to time but what matters is getting myself back to what I truly know is meaningful.

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