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Boat living dolphin and whales study.

Boat living dolphin and whales study.



Marta On The Move has been featured on Inspiring Womens Radio, Yinzburgh, and KDKA NEWS RADIO AM with Robert Mangino.  Subscribe to the Podcast on Itunes or listen in on Libsyn.com   She currently interviews People in PIttsburgh, Craft Cocktail Sessions, Pickling, Fermenting, and Canning trials and Errors.


Heyo! My name is Marta. 

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my awesome husband Philip.

Things about me-

  • Queen is my favorite band, period
  • I live in a house built in 1889, that has horse hair for insulation, I rent the downstairs and we live in the top. <— slumlord
  • I work with my family, we are like the Von Trapps of the food service world.  No joke.  Aldo’s Foods Inc. is the name, if you don’t use us, you should.  We rock. www.aldosfoods.com
  • Treasure hunting is a passion of mine. I own 3 metal detectors.  I am an amateur, but I will get there eventually.
  • Love to dive, swim, snorkel, explore the depths of the sea.  It is my home.
  • 100% dark chocolate, or bust.
  • Evil Dead Trilogy is the best
  • Party planning is second nature to me, I live for it.
  • My hubby and I brew beer, and make wine.  We love the good things in life.  We also pickle, ferment, and process just about anything.
  • I have issues turning left on a bike
  • Figs are my weakness, total running count consumed in a day is 30, and that was with restraint.
  • I love boardgames.  Love, love, love. Top favorites- Dominion, Puerto Rico, Love Letter, Catan, Slide 5, Ticket to Ride and many others.
  • My pinky on my right hand is stuck in one place.
  • I love taking the road less traveled alone.  I have worked on tomb excavations in Sicily, dove the Atocha wreck of 1622, helped to restore a 10th century castle in France, studied marine life off of a boat Ischia, Italy.   I have met the most incredible people going solo, and I never plan to stop.
  • My toes are nimble and long.
  • Love swing dancing, salsa, and general James Brown funk dancing.  Yeah, it’s a thing….
  • CHEESE.  The Stinkier The Better.

About martaonthemove

Boat living dolphin and whales study.

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