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School Housing

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 3 March 2008 | Views [749] | Comments [3]


Two things.

One being that classes start today.  I have my first class in about an hour.  Meaning I need to hurry because I still need to eat some peanut butter (the only food I can afford haha) and get to campus and find my building AND put on deodorant!  PROBABLY not in that order unless I get really really pressed for time and have to take my deodorant to class.  But then I'd be that girl.  And who wants to be known from the first day as the girl who put on deodorant in class?!

It's going on 85 today so it's going to be WARM!

Nick confirmed that the rumors you heard are true mom.  School is harder here so that means we have to work harder.  He says hardly anyone gets 90's which I can deal....but I think Lindsay might have a heart attack.  I'll probably just cry.  We emailed Tracy though to find out how our grade point gets transferred back.  I never thought about that.  UMASS kids just get pass fail.  I doubt we will have that but still I'd like to know.


We totally got screwed on housing.  We were told when we moved in (by Gracia) that EVERYONE paid the same rent no matter how big your room was and if you were sharing and that is why we paid so much.  She said it was the only fair way to do it.  And then we were talking to Paris and Danny the other day and found out they pay $185 and $190 ish a week.  For their SINGLE rooms.  Lindsay and I EACH pay $210 I believe.  At least that's what she told us we were supposed to pay....

I could be figuring this out all wrong.

Anyway as it turns out she told Paris and Danny not to discuss it with us.

Oh well....you "have to put your behind in the past". ;-) Lion King?  Anyone?

It's not a big deal in the end because we have a place to live and I'm happy....school time though!  I'm nervous!  Like in first grade and you have NO idea where your class is and who you're going to be in class with!

As Always,


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good luck mare!

  steve Mar 3, 2008 1:12 PM


Mary, it's my first day too! At least you have Lindsay, I have to show up not knowing anyone except for who I met in the interviews. So I'm really nervous too. Good Luck and I expect to hear all about it, and I'll send you an email about how my day went too!

  Joshu Mar 3, 2008 10:30 PM


My high school equivalent:

Honey Nut Cheerios
Grab a coke
Pull the Norelco out of the glove compartment and shave in the car on the way

I was that guy. High fiber, high sugar, and beardless. That's catchy! If I ever slow down to write my autobiography, that will be the title.

  Papa Cross Mar 4, 2008 7:14 AM

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