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Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

PHILIPPINES | Monday, 24 August 2009 | Views [3493] | Comments [1]

The very dark space was lit only by our headlights and the light from distant houses. Our cab driver said that both sides of the road is already the lake. It was dark so it was not evident. It felt like we were just floating in dark space. We headed to the resort at the tip of the island "Punta Isla". Our room was overlooking the lake. At night, all you can see is the light from homes floating on the lake. The stillness of the water makes the reflection of light like extensions of the homes. I was very excited to see the lake during day break.

We landed in Davao the day before then traveled 4 hours to General Santos, did a few sight seeing then talked a cab into driving us 2 hours up to Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

We had a boat ride set up at 6am. I was up before that and witnessed sunrise by the lake. It was a glorious sight. They called Lake Sebu the Fog Lake as well but I did not witness the fog until the day after.

Our boat gave us a 45-minute tour around the lake. People were busy as early as 630 am. Riding boats carved from tree trunks, they navigated around their floating homes and fish farms. The lake is home to several T'bolis - locals from South Cotabato. Lake Sebu is 354 hectares. Just imagine what one can find exploring the rest of its surface.

Lake Sebu is a municipality within South Cotabato. It was named after Lake Sebu, just one of the 3 lakes in the area. The municipality also boasts of seven waterfalls and several springs. To get around, one should be brave enough to ride a "habal-habal", a motor bike with an extended back seat to accommodate up to 4 other  passengers.

We were able to see two of the seven waterfalls. The others are not accessible yet. The two falls had their own unique charm. The first one is wider but not as high as the second. It can be viewed from a viewing deck that was built a few meters from the falls but one has to get closer and get wet from the mist to be able to experience the strength of the falls. The second falls has a narrow opening but hits the base with a stronger force being a higher water falls.

Lake Sebu has a mystery in it that makes one explore more of the place. Strolling the local communities makes one want to stay longer and spend more time with the locals - the T'bolis. Though civilization has reached them, the natives are still able to keep their identity in tact.

Houses line up by the Sebu Lake side
Paddling towards home: Fisher folks make their way back to their home in the middle of the lake
A T'boli woman
The second of the two waterfalls
A famous transport mode in Lake Sebu
Lake Seloton - The Sunrise Lake

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Hi! Nice post:) Lake Sebu is indeed a sweet place, right? I hope I could visit the waterfalls too...let's all continue to promote this wonderful lake :)

here's my share of story

  sarah Oct 23, 2009 2:03 PM

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