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CHILE | Friday, 26 October 2007 | Views [2011] | Comments [6]

Pucon, Chile-it could possibly the adventurer´s dream.  The small community itself is completely surrounded by verdant mountains that jut powerfully into the sky.  More stunning however is Volcan Villarica that looms in the distance.  It smokes daily, reminding everyone of its fire within.  What is even more impressive is that in Pucon, you can ascend the volcano and peer into its red, super hot, center!  Now we did not have the opportunity to do this simply because of time constraints - but the fun doesnt end there in Pucon.  The hardest decisions to make in Pucon were what to do daily; there was just a plethora of outdoor activities!!!  You could visit the termas (hot springs), raft, canopy, trekk, horseback ride, take a tour of the jam and chocolatier shops (that is what I´m talking about!!! Anyone for spooning in dollops of chocolate?). As you can see, what to do became a quandary of sorts, but we were undaunted!  Every morning we would wake, eat our jammy toast, and drink our Nescafe (by the  way the best instant coffee ever, it may just be your souvenir), and decide that day´s adventure.

Our first day, we walked the town early morn - the  air constantly smelled of burning wood, now a prerequisite for any town I choose to settle in.  We opted to check out Los Pozones, 5 natural rock pools that are heated by the volcano. The day was just perfect.  But not just because of the grandeur of nature, but because of the beautiful human acts we witnessed.

Getting to Los Pozones required a  30 mintue drive from our tour agency. We climbed in the dusty van and joined a vivacious Brazilian mother and her son. The Portuguese connection was in effect. It was a short while before either Steve or I noticed that her son was a paraplegic. My heart instantly warmed towards this mother, not out of pity, but from the warm thought of knowing that despite his condition, despite his limitations, despite his justifable desire not to attempt back-country travel, here were the two of them, jostling with us in a rickety van across the Pucon hinterland.  But our story doesn´t end there.

When we reached the Pozones we hit an impasse. Right before the leisurely walk to the hot springs, stopping the van in its tracks, was a formidble mound of granite rock.  The driver, Steve and I got out surveyed the area, and with the mother deemed the route too treacherous for her son.  The mother claimed that her son would get too nervous and that they would be best left there, beside the river, with the hot springs inaccesibly in the distance.  Our hearts fell.  We offered assistance, but seeing that there was nothing we could do, we moved along to the termas.

After hopping from one pool to the next deciding which temperature was best, we re-encountered the mother and her son.  They had both made it to the Pozones! How?

Well our timid, gentle driver had a most loving soul, and he made this day magic.  When we left, it turns out that our driver called in a bulldozer to knock down the rocks, in turn creating a manaegable road for the son.  That day, he was able to spend 2 hours enjoying a respite that he deserves, that he is entitled to...basking in the Chilean sun, shootin´ the breeze with other guests, breathing in the crisp air...all because of the efforts of one man. It was beautiful.

Upon leaving, we entered yet another impasse-the manageable road turned into another pile of 200 pound piedras.  And yet again, this was not a problem. Our driver simply called the bulldozer back, who dumped more rocks (we were all wondering how this was bettering the situation), smoothed out the road, and gave up the thumb´s up with a congenial smile, signling our ascent up the road would be a safe one.  All the while, we were an hour over our travel time.  Yet no one looked at their watch. No one was irriated that the trip was longer than expected, that they would return to our hotels later, eat dinner later, see family later.  Neither the bulldozer nor the driver reacted with annoyance at having to do ¨more work¨-they just did good by humanity-and it was beautiful. It is in moments like these that you see the goodness of man, and it need not be rare. It is in moments like these that i am reminded how to act all the time!

love you guys and i miss you!  hope you enjoy!

the marmelo-aka melissa



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You look happy and rested so I am happy for you. :) Take care.

  Krista Oct 27, 2007 11:03 AM


Have either of you considered travel writing? I'm enthralled with each entry! More importantly, I'm so happy that you are traveling together and experiencing such beauty in both land and people. FYI-Delvonte has been wearing his hair a bit longer and curly - co cute. Can I use cute for Delvonte? Morris has been sporting a goatee (sp?). Ebony loves Eunice.. I'll keep you updated :-)

  Christie (Van Dizzle) Oct 27, 2007 11:48 PM


Melissa, your writing makes me want to be there. You and Stevie are meeting some wonderful, kind people and getting some real life lessons.

I'm going back to work after being out for 7 weeks so keep my spirits up by sharing your wonderful experiences. I love reading about your adventures. Thank you and be safe.

Love, Aunt Patti

  Aunt Patti Oct 28, 2007 5:29 AM


Your adventures have proven to be both culturally enlightening and personally fulfilling. I couldn't be more excited for you guys. Your detailed accounts are so beautifully written and your pictures so surreal, I always look forward to hearing from you. Be safe and continue to savor each moment down yonder :-)

p.s. Te extraño muchísimo, chica

  Magaly Oct 29, 2007 3:40 AM


im sitting at work just taken away by how beautiful everything sounds. u guys did a great job with blogging your adventures. im so jealous.. hope your haveing fun, sounds like it.
love always

  angela Nov 1, 2007 6:10 AM


It sounds like Chile was a great hit....! Thats on that list of the places that I would one day like to travel to...! Hope that you guys had fun...You guys looked like you were having fun in the pictures.....Take Care

  Jennifer Nov 7, 2007 3:09 AM

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