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The Last Week

Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010 | Views [357] | Comments [1]

Walking around the dirt roads through the soft mud and the snow littered fields I wonder if it all was a dream.   Part of me feels like I never left and part of me feels like so much inside of me has changed and that I am looking at my home through ... Read more >

Photos: The Last Week

Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010 | Photo Gallery

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A typical week in Tanzania

Sunday, 7 Mar 2010 | Views [539]

Monday: It is not even 8:30 in the morning and it is probably already over 80 degrees outside under the Sun.   Yesterday I was sure it was going to rain.   The clouds gathered and some of them were even dark.   The wind picked up and there was ... Read more >

Photos: A typical week

Sunday, 7 Mar 2010 | Photo Gallery

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My Birthday Adventures

Wednesday, 24 Feb 2010 | Views [511]

Turning 30 years old in a third world country is a unique experience-one I will always remember.   Birthdays to me are very special, especially big ones.   I am sure you can all think back and remember turning 30 or 21 or 16 or 50-they are big years, ... Read more >

Photos: Birthday and beyound

Wednesday, 24 Feb 2010 | Photo Gallery

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My mama's visit and oh, the places we go!

Friday, 29 Jan 2010 | Views [652] | Comments [1]

The island of Zanzibar has been without power since the middle of December.   A power line installed below the Indian Ocean’s turquoise waters in the late sixties by the Swedish(?) was said provide electricity to the island for up about 25 years.   ... Read more >

Photos: Mom's visit and Travelin'

Friday, 29 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Mustafa's Garden and New Year's Eve

Thursday, 7 Jan 2010 | Views [2345] | Comments [3]

Mustafa has a strawberry farm at the very top of a mountain.   I know this because I hiked up, up, up, on rough, slippery trails.   Tanzanians don’t use switchbacks or water bars or stone steps.   There is no conservation corps of eager high school ... Read more >

Photos: Mustafa's Garden and New Years

Thursday, 7 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Tropical Christmas

Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009 | Views [1691] | Comments [2]

On my third visit to Tanzania, I finally made it to Mafia Island.   A small cluster of islands just off the coast, south of popular Zanzibar, Mafia is known to be less touristy so we all agreed to go there for holiday, and we are so glad we did.   ... Read more >

Photos: Christmas on Mafia

Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Christmas in the tropics

Tuesday, 22 Dec 2009 | Views [577] | Comments [3]

Hey Chilly Kids, It has never felt more unlike Christmas in my entire life.   This being my first hot Christmas ever is definitely strange.   There are no Christmas tunes repeatedly churning off the radio, getting stuck in my head, no houses lit ... Read more >

Bananas, Cassavas, and Hope

Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009 | Views [399] | Comments [4]

On Saturday we planted bananas in our cement hard soil….I hope they will grow.   It was the first time any of us (Jonah, Sandra, Frank and I) had planted a banana, so we did our best.   According to the locals you dig a big hole and give it lots of ... Read more >

Photos: Christmas Trees and Cassava

Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Into the Mountains

Wednesday, 9 Dec 2009 | Views [638] | Comments [3]

On Monday-which was also my sister Kati’s birthday- the students, Sandra, Salome (the Headmistress) and I went on an adventure into the Uluguru Mountains.    The field trip was arranged by Polly, but we really had no idea what to expect.   It turned ... Read more >


Saturday, 5 Dec 2009 | Views [763] | Comments [2]

Every morning when I water the plants, I pray for rain. Sometimes I call on the Spirits, sometimes it is God, sometimes I sing the Indian rain song we learned at camp when I was young.   Only once has it worked.   The wind picked up suddenly and all ... Read more >

Gallery: Planting

Monday, 30 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Week 2-Planting and Partying

Monday, 30 Nov 2009 | Views [712] | Comments [2]

The girls-that is what we call them, as our students are all female ranging from 13-16 years old-have worked really hard this week in the blistering sun.   It took us three days to double dig 24 beds, so we only have 3 to go and every student will ... Read more >

Gallery: Linz in TZ

Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

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