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The Journey of a Nomad Follow your heart and you'll find your dreams.

About libertywickman

I'm a small town girl with a big world view. I grew up in a sea of corn in south west Iowa and spent my childhood dreaming of the ocean of adventures that existed just beyond the agricultural landscape. I've been lucky enough to actually make those dreams come true and experience quite a bit of the world for my age. I've volunteered abroad, worked abroad, studied abroad, and traveled abroad.

The people I've met, the places I've been, and the experiences I've had have changed my life and shaped who I am today. I graduated in May of 2012 with a BA in Biology and a TEFL Certificate. I decided I wasn't ready to commit to a long term bio project or grad school just yet so I sold all my belongings, packed up my backpack, and headed out into the world. I've taught English, nannied, and worked as a light house keeper - I simply do what I can to keep moving forward.

I, like many other nomads, am part of a global community that I care for dearly. I love the ecosystems, small villages, average people, and rich cultures of places I’ve visited and have yet to visit. I've learned to embrace the unknown and love the discovery of strange traditions. I love our global community and I want to do everything I can to sustain it. I believe we all need to work harder at thinking globally while acting locally. We need to remember to conserve the plentiful resources of the first world so that we can share with the third worlds. The only way we can preserve this community that we love, is to expand our world perspective and trust each other to all work together.

My world perspective has grown through travel. I've met the starving, I've built houses for the homeless, I've visited tourist destinations and not so touristy destinations. I fully believe that others could also expand their perspectives through travel if they were willing to purchase their first ticket and open their hearts. I've recently published my first book. It's a motivational journal encouraging others to explore this world rather than fear it. I offer my own travel stories as examples of the trials and tribulations. All sales proceeds will go directly towards funding a volunteer trip to Peru in the fall of 2013. My book can be purchased on Amazon.com, search Liberty Wickman. The title is Feeding Elephants, Friends, and Parasites: The Journey of a Nomad. I hope you enjoy it!

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