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You're selling WHAT!?

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 13 March 2010 | Views [521] | Comments [2]

Angkor. Beautiful. Historic. World Heritage site. and what does this mean? tourists...droves of them. which of course means touts and things to buy, many, many things to buy. Our time here isnt about souvenirs though. 3 days we are spending here and we won't see it all by a long shot. there's no time to go looking through the stalls and stalls. (shift key not working, so sorry on the capitalization issues). this doesn't stop the sellers though. they spot you like a hawk, 500 metres away they are yelling at you, ''sir' 'lady' you buy you buy. next thing you know you have a swarm (yes a swarm) of woman ands children all selling their wears. Let me paint a picture. 

The first Wat we went to yesterday. We had a hired tuk-tuk for the day so he dropped us off. We started early hoping to avoid the crowds for the faintest bit of the day that we could. we had a lot to see so we beelined it directly to the wat. not 20 seconds into walking a child, 4-5 yrs old comes running over with a basket of goods. Her hand full of bracelts. she starts selling. 'lady, i have bracelet for you'. good price. good price. 3 for dolla'' i wish I could interject the accent. I makes it so much more interesting. bare in mind, all prices in Cambodia so far have been quoted in US dollar. I say no and keep walking.

ók. ok. 4 for dolla.

no. no.

still walking with me. ok ok. 5 for dolla.

i chuckle. price keeps dropping and i haven't shown one lo\ick of interest. didn't even look at the bracelets. my attention on the wat ahead. keep walking. maybe if i don't answer and ignore, she'll stop.

ok. ok. 6 for dolla.


we arrive to the wat.

ok. ok. 7 for dolla.

wow! talk about price drop. too bad i really didn't want them. i wonder how low it would of gone? every wat we go to. we are swarmed. sir. lady. cold drink for you. cold water. 2 for dolla. Today, we are walking away from Angkor Wat, about 5 oçlock in the evening. eating our snacks and drinking our water. and yet we are still asked.

'sir. sir. you buy cold water 1 for dolla.

i already have a water.

ok. ok. lady you buy cold water. 2 for dolla.


i have COLD water for you. See See. ok ok. 2 for dolla.


the swarms, they come 'mango, 2 for dollah. good price. cambodian price. coke. sprite. water. for you. discount. 2 for dolla. madam, t-shirt, one dolla. scarf one dolla. for you lady. good price. good price. i give you discount. 2 for dollah. one dollah. one dollah. baby. one dollah.'     

what! all our attention now diverted. we both stop and turn to look. one kid, barely walking, the mother, 'óne dollah' not even a smile on her face. making fun of her own kind we then realize. but we can't help but wonder. was that just to get our attention to know the options. we hear you can buy anything you want here. you just have to know to ask and pay the right price. scary.



very scary.. but not entirely far fetched, desperate times

  youna Mar 13, 2010 8:24 PM


Strange world out there, you will view the US in a totally different way when you return. Continue to enjoy the commentary keep it coming. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures. I usually Google the city and get an overview of what the two of you are seeing and where you are. Your travels are definitely different than ours.

  Jim F Mar 14, 2010 6:00 AM

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