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Photos: More Favs from Laos

Sunday, 16 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Just a few favs. Mostly Laos.

Monday, 10 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

Some because of the shot and some because of the memory they evoke. More to come.
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Some Observations.

Sunday, 14 Mar 2010 | Views [647] | Comments [3]

If you can't tell already, I am playing some catch up on the blog. GOt the time and got the connection. I can't help but wonder. Who are you out there I see reading the blog as I post? CHildren in Laos from our observations were so happy. People here ... Read more >

The continued trek of Coffee.

Sunday, 14 Mar 2010 | Views [638]

Eric and I fell in love with the coffee in Malaysia. Cheap and good. Started becoming somewhat addictive. Good morning drink and good afternoon pick me up after some hot walking and touring in the sun. In Thailand, the coffee wained as it wasn't that ... Read more >

How spicy is that Papaya Salad?

Sunday, 14 Mar 2010 | Views [646]

So the story I referenced earlier, my papaya salas in Laos. I stroll through the night market on Luang Prabang. Looking for a lite diner. Eric sick back in our room. I find a stall with a woman making fresh papaya salad (the only way it's made here by ... Read more >

The price of fish

Sunday, 7 Mar 2010 | Views [333] | Comments [1]

So as Laos is a land locked country you wouldn't expect a whole lot a seafood.  The contrary being we've had more seafood here than anywhere else (we've also spent twice as much time).  The price for fish has been quite surprising.  The first point we ... Read more >

An unexpected Wonderful thing.

Saturday, 6 Mar 2010 | Views [529] | Comments [1]

We are currently in the 4,000 Islands region of Southern Laos. We have been on Don Khon island for 2 1/2 days and will be leaving tomorrow onto Cambodia. Here is where the Mekong River widens so much that is runs shallow and creates thousands of islands.... Read more >


Friday, 26 Feb 2010 | Views [493] | Comments [1]

So we made it the Hongsa Elephant Festival and had a blast. This small town was full of tourists. But not westerners. ONly a handfull of them really. Mostly Asian tourists. no guesthouses so the organization arranged homestays for people. Our homestay ... Read more >

Too Much To Tell

Friday, 26 Feb 2010 | Views [508] | Comments [1]

A week ago I wrote a long blog entry. Near the end of my typing, one employee of the internet cafe, shut down to leave. Instead of 'shutting down' she apparently just flipped her power extension cord. Of which, the computer I was on was connected ... Read more >

Millionares in Lovely Laos

Friday, 12 Feb 2010 | Views [389] | Comments [2]

Wow! Loas. 4 days and we are loving it! First of all, we crossed the sleepy border which involved a small boat ferry across the Mekong at Huay Xai. Nice to catch our first glimpse of this mighty river. Sunset was gorgeous. Men fishing. Women cleaning.... Read more >



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