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Trip: Australia

There are [4] stories from my trip: Australia

Australia #4

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 29 Dec 2012 | Views [172]

Hi Everybody:       Hope Christmas was great and all is going well!       We’re just putting an end to Saturday, December 29th in Brisbane, where our Australian adventure began.    ... Read more >

Australia #3

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 25 Dec 2012 | Views [173]

Christmas Greetings From Down Under:       It is Christmas evening and we’ve just wrapped up a busy Christmas Day, while you all have just completed Christmas Eve.  We hope your Christmas Day is as rewarding as our ... Read more >

Australia #2

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 21 Dec 2012 | Views [140]

Hi Again:       It’s Friday evening in Sydney at the Marriott downtown.  Wow.  Driving into this city of 5 million plus was, as expected, a thrill.  We’re on the top floor of the hotel – 32nd ... Read more >

Australia #1

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 16 Dec 2012 | Views [151]

This is the first of a few reports from Down Under.  Had a great, but quick stay in Honolulu.  Just ran into many folks we knew in Kailua, including friends of Sophia and Keaka.  We voted 4-0 to move back to Hawaii.  Left Honolulu ... Read more >