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Life after 50! After an unexpected turn of events in my life this year, i find myself unemployed! My family loves travel and this year is certainly no exception! My journal will not be wonderous, but fun for me!


CHILE | Tuesday, 11 September 2007 | Views [763] | Comments [5]

No matter that i checked the web for weather conditions, and decided that yes, summer clothing would be quite appropriate, the shocking reality when we arrived, was it was flippin' freezin'!!  We arrived in daylight hours and people were coming into the airport with big leather jackets, boots, gloves, hats etc. Malc had a polo shirt, a fleece and jeans, I had a t-shirt, light jacket and jeans, and that was the extent of our 'winter' wardrobe! Never mind there are shops in Chile, and anyone that knows me, will know i will be going shopping in Santiago, Chile's capital! ha! On these rare occasions, Malc also likes to indulge in buying the odd polo shirt!

We hired our car, and with vague directions due to language difference (they speak Latin American Spanish, we dont) we headed out to find our apt. in Santiago, 1685 Huerfanos, to be exact. After failing the first time and having to go back to the airport to ask for directions again, we found ourselves in the city, which was full off one way street signs, and each not allowing us to go in the direction we wanted, familiar story i guess. As usual Malc drove and i map read (expertly) and we found our apt. Danielle and James had already arrived the day before, and they trudged down to meet us in reception, not very euphoric to see us i thought, but then they told us they had waited for hours at the airport the night before, because i had emailed them and said we were arriving at midnight, so they waited with flowers and champagne to greet us, but of course, the flight was leaving Madrid at midnight, silly billies not arriving, oops - sorry D&J (in writing for the nomads of the world to see!)

Santiago could be a great city and there were pockets of it that were charming, but on the whole the indiscriminate graffiti really spoiled the city and all its lovely buildings and monuments. Malcolm wasnt too impressed, when on the first day, a mugger ripped the gold chain from his neck!! But hey, this wasnt going spoil our holiday and it didnt.

We visited Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar, Quintay, Isla Negra, drove across the Andes via Portillo to Mendoza, Argentina and stayed for a couple of nights in Chacras De Coria a charming boutique hotel whose staff were very helpful and very pleasant indeed. We experienced a wine tour with a difference, on push bikes, luckily the wine numbed the pain we were in, due the the most uncomfortable bike seats!!

Our trip across the Andes was quite bazaar, we did not read the small print on the hire agreement, and arrived at the border after a 2 hour drive to be told we needed a solicitors letter of approval to cross the border!! It was midday and we were told it could take up to 4 hours. So we decided to wait at the nearby hotel which was a ski resort (Portillo). James went skiing, borrowing clothes from us to layer up, the rest of us watched the skiers and ate and drank. Finally, the fax came thru and we trundled to the border, but OH NO, the customs official couldnt read the solicitors stamp! Another 3 hours later, we finally managed to cross, thanks to our colleague at Alamo - Christian, who we will be eternally grateful to!!ha! (would take too long to explain Christians involvement). During our time at the border, i saw quite a few MSC containers, and despite being an ex employee, i was quite excited abt seeing them, and took a few photos to show what a hazardous route they take to and from Chile thru the Andes, manouvering the hair pin bends!!

After driving for another 30 mins in Argentina, we were stopped by Police and told that we had not gone thru Argentinian Customs and to return back for our papers to be stamped!! Honestly, if it hadnt been such a crazy day already, we would have cried. Back we drove, found Customs hidden in the moutains, got stamped and checked and drove to the first available hotel, we were tired, it was 10pm and we had only driven 3 hours, and had left our apt at 10am!!

It was worth all the hassle, because the hotel was gorgeous, and was very kindly paid for by Danielle and James as a present for our anniversay - thanks again!!

D&J left us 3 days before we were due to go home, so we drove back to the coast and visited Pueblo Neruda's house which is right on the coast in Isla Negra, an amazing house and his collection of many difference things was wonderful, and the views from his house amazing! He won the Nobel prize for poetry ( will have to find some on the web, if i remember! ha!)

We flew back on Iberia to Madrid, anyone planning to fly with them economy, i would say, dont! I have never seen such a bunch of has-beens as there were on this flight, i am not ageist, but really these gals should have gone out to pasture years ago. If they had been well groomed, i wouldnt pass judgment, but they were so scuffy and looked unkempt, and unfriendly!! I guess travelling from a 3rd world country allowed them to offer a 3rd rate service, or so they thought!

Madrid is a great looking airport, but oh so complicated!!

Well back in Blighty now for 5 weeks and then off to Singapore and Sydney on the 7th November. Looking forward to seeing Kayleigh or whatever she wants to call herself now! ha! You ok Love???

However, i maybe taking a trip to Lincoln to see my neice Charlotte, so watch this space, LOL ..................XXXX

PS  - Apolgogies for the photos that are not the right way up, it was late!

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Really enjoyed reading your blog Krys, well done. Got across the boarder into Argentina and the trail went cold I felt ! Shape up wife !

Lots of love
Miss you loads

  Your husband Malcy (Mr. Malcolm to you James) Oct 5, 2007 11:10 AM


There's only SO much space to write in! I would concentrate on your spelling if i were you! ha!
Krys your wife............xx

  krysia Oct 5, 2007 4:53 PM


Where are the photos then??

Lovey to have you join ´world nomads´, seems we have started a trend! Ha!

Looking forward to the photos.....


  jamesanddan Oct 6, 2007 11:50 PM


Krys - you don't seem to have done much lately ?!?!?

James xx

  jamesanddan Apr 6, 2009 12:10 AM


you already stay in Chilestay Apartments? I want to go there, what do you think? thanks for the help, nilceo

  Nilceo Apr 25, 2009 10:03 AM

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