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Life after 50! After an unexpected turn of events in my life this year, i find myself unemployed! My family loves travel and this year is certainly no exception! My journal will not be wonderous, but fun for me!

About krysia

Who is writing this journal?

Well that's an interesting question for me, i have never really questioned my identity, usual stuff in my life, wife, mother, work colleague, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, daughter-in-law.

My name is Krystyna (Krysia) Elzbieta Janina Stafford (nee Pepera) of Polish heritage, born in the UK in 1956.I have a husband, and two daughters, who at present are all abroad.

I am living in Felixstowe and really dont know if i should be writing a travel blog, but hey who really cares, its fun, and if my daughters can do it, so can I.


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