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Europe or BUST I am going to Iceland for 21 days on a volunteer expedition in east Iceland, actually. I will be donating my time to do organic farming with my workcamp. After that I will be on my own to backpack around Europe. Feel free to send me messages !

Reykjavik, Iceland - Day 1

ICELAND | Wednesday, 2 September 2009 | Views [520] | Comments [1]

My flight from Boston to Reykjavik was a smooth and happy one.  I didn't get much sleep on the flight but I did doze off for a hot second I believe. It was only 5 hours long and before I knew it I was already at Keflavik Airport ! The airport itself was immaculate, kinda pristine actually, and very easy to navigate.  The Flybus drove me and a band of others from the airport to Reykjavik center where I had to switch to another bus to drive me to my hotel which I reserved only 8 hours prior.  So I get to my hotel, very tired and hardly able to keep my eyes open, I just wanted to fall asleep so bad.  The receptionist wasn't able to find my reservation, I guess because I arrived too early so she referred me to another hotel, The Grand Hotel Reykjavik which is supposedly the largest hotel in Reykjavik.  Well let me tell you, for $104.00 this room is DA BOMB ! I had not expected it to be luxury living, the mini bar is totally full, two beds instead of one, and the bathroom is amazingly beautiful.  I LUCKED OUT ! I may even stay another night. 

I drew the heavy curtains until it was pitch black in my room and fell soundly asleep for 5 hours until 2pm.  I showered, left the hotel and now I'm exploring the city centre of Reykjavik.  The landscape surrounding me is enchanting, the locals are so beautiful, almost flawless, and I am speaking of the ladies here..not so much the men.  Right now I'm sitting in an internet cafe enjoying a beer, I'm still on my first one because it's so effin' strong, wow I'm so buzzed and I'm only halfway through it :-)

I have more exploring to do, and I don't quite understand or have a grasp on the Icelandic currency here, I'm still trying to get a handle on it.  Otherwise, I don't think I come off as a tourist to anyone, I'm keeping it low key...

My laptop battery is about to die and I need to get out and explore some more, take more photos and speak to the locals.  Icelandic language is beautiful and a bit difficult to understand.  I mean, I can speak and understand Norwegian fairly well and there are just some minute similarities but it'll take some time getting used to.

Anyway, off I go !


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Yay! I'm so glad you're doing this blog! Keep it up!

I'm happy the flight and first night went off without a hitch. Be safe/adventurous. I leave it to you to find out how to mix that out. :-)


  Stephen J. Xanthos Sep 8, 2009 12:06 AM

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