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hiking in Seoul, South Korea

hiking in Seoul, South Korea

I started writing when I was still a child, growing up in a small town in Germany. The words just came to me and as I was often alone, I felt I could make the best use of them by writing them down. I carried on writing as a teenager and most people thought I was nuts for spending my time at the desk rather than going to the disco and having fun. For me it was always clear, though: I wanted to be a writer one day. Many times I sent my manuscripts to publishers but they kept coming back like attached to elastic bands, unread. For a while I gave in to frustration and put my dream on hold.

Then, as a young adult, I started "distracting" myself with something I increasingly grew to understand as my second passion - travel. I spent longer periods of time in the UK, then Costa Rica, Colombia, South Korea, Italy and right now France. While away from home for months, all by myself, I felt the need to share my experiences with my family and friends back home and began writing long travel reports. It turned out everybody loved them - beacuse my reports allowed people to walk in my shoes for at least a brief while, seeing the world through my eyes, which have always been wide open and able to spot the small but fascinating blades of grass by the side of the road.

Today, at 33, I suffer from a serious travel addiction and am ever so proud of it: The more I travel, the more I feel the need to carry on exploring the world, to dive into other cultures, get in touch with the most diverse ways of life and mentalities. And why do I feel this need to travel? Obviously one reason is still my own pleasure and personal fulfilment but, above all, I want write about it, to share my unique experiences with all those who were not lucky enough to be there with me. That's why I want to be a travel writer. 

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