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Destination nothingness

MACEDONIA | Sunday, 24 May 2015 | Views [174] | Scholarship Entry

As my stomach growls at the winding roads, my heart beats faster: It's my first time. The first time I'm heading to a place everybody told me there was nothing to see, and about which my travel book tells - nothing. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Writing Scholarship

Yalla, holy night!

MALAYSIA | Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 | Views [310] | Scholarship Entry

It seems a whole lot of Christmas for someone who travelled to South East Asia to escape it: Thousands of red, green, blue and yellow lights wrap themselves around each house, framing windows and doors, spreading to palm trees and bushes. Santa figures ... Read more >

Tags: 2014 Travel Writing Scholarship - Euro Roadtrip

Catching a Moment - You buy cow?

OMAN | Friday, 19 Apr 2013 | Views [1496] | Scholarship Entry

The spectacle is about to begin. Men covered from their necks to the ankles by Virgin-colored dishdashas, the traditional robe for men, haste towards the circle of potential buyers and nosy tourists, their camera lenses lurking for the best shots to come.... Read more >

Tags: Travel Writing Scholarship 2013

My Scholarship entry - Seeing the world through other eyes

WORLDWIDE | Wednesday, 11 Apr 2012 | Views [329] | Scholarship Entry

Head wash As soon as the driver feels the coins in his hand, he exhausts the gas pedal and the bus blasts off the curb. Involuntarily, I sprint to the back, struggling not to slip on the muddy wet floor or bang my head on the low ceiling. “Come”. A woman ... Read more >

Tags: Travel Writing Scholarship 2012

My Travel Writing Scholarship 2011 entry - My Big Adventure

SOUTH KOREA | Friday, 25 Mar 2011 | Views [352] | Scholarship Entry

From a Northern perspective, the horizon is lined with short men wearing sunglasses and large black helmets. Feet firmly planted on the ground. Boyish features, completely immobile. Grey shirts, heavy military boots. Dark green trousers they seem to ... Read more >

Tags: #2011writing, travel writing scholarship 2011

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