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JAPAN | Friday, 14 August 2009 | Views [817] | Comments [2]


Since I involuntarily volunteered to test the Bolivian medical system, JN so kindly decided to take a turn and test the local system on this trip. 


I knew something was wrong when I spotted a taxi slowly driving up to L’s place in the early morning. When I woke up, JN jogging shoes were missing so I assumed that he had gone for a run. He had been jogging for about an hour and was about five minutes from the apartment when he stepped on a metal sheet that was covering a hole on the sidewalk. What happened next would have been a great scenario for a Tom and Jerry cartoon, but rather painful to a mortal human being.  The metal sheet popped up, his one legged slipped in the hole and he stopped falling when his leg rammed into and was sliced open on a ginzu knife-like sharp metal edge.     


According to him, he laid dazed half in and half out of the hole while bleeding profusely and had to watch to make sure that his fingers did not get crushed by the little old Japanese women barely swerving around to get by him on their bicycle. It took about three minutes before a woman stopped to help. She asked him in Japanese if he wanted to go to the hospital or if he wanted her to call a taxi. He preferred to come back to the apartment so she hailed a cab and helped him in.


He came limping up to the door, blood running down his leg, and before he explained anything, wheezed out that I should pay the taxi driver. As he was explaining his story, L and were looking at his leg, and it didn’t look good. I suggested that we cancel our lunch date with our friends in Osaka before he went to the hospital.  “Hospital,” he said with blood still running down his leg, “I don’t need a hospital.”


Five minute later, L and JN were bundled off into another taxi and were on their way to the hospital. The taxi driver a friendly guy and started up a nice conversation with them on the drive there. He mentioned in a casual way that oh yeah, he had seen JN lying in the hole. L said incredulously in Japanese “and you didn’t stop to help?” He answered back that he had a customer and couldn’t stop.


 When they got to the emergency room, they had to wait a relative short time before they were ushered in to see a doctor. He was a kind man who spoke a few words of English and after studying JN’s x-rays and cleaning out his wound; he determined that no bones or ligaments were respectively broken or torn. But the cut was almost to the bone and needed five stitches.

The total cost of the visit was roughly $120 and the antibiotics and really weak painkillers added up to $22.


So we didn’t make it to Osaka today and I don’t think we will make it there tomorrow either.

We are going to wait three days to see if he can walk a little bit before we consider coming home early.  



il faut arrêter le sport!!
reposez vous et a bientôt les Aubertot sur les 2 pattes!!

bises de nous 4!

  loloandco Aug 19, 2009 8:18 AM



il ne veulent rien savoir !!! il faut que ce soit toi qui téléphone au +33 (0)9 708 08 810 jusqu'à 20h (paris local time)
ou bien que tu ailles à un comptoir AF à l'aéroport de narita : ils sont autorisés à modifier une résa en R1 !!

SO sorryyyyyyyyyy !!!
dans ton prochain msg donne un tel où on peut te joindre au cas où ! take good care astrid
don't forget to me me after all that, your parents postal address bizz

  ASTRID Aug 20, 2009 1:19 AM

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