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Trip: 07 Epic Adventures

There are [33] stories from my trip: 07 Epic Adventures

final thoughts from a Doubrovnik sunset...

CROATIA | Sunday, 21 Oct 2007 | Views [350]

I know that I said my last blog would be my last, however I couldnt really help myself, and i have a heap of time to kill. As i sat thisafternoon watching the sun slowly set over the Adriatic I couldnt help but think back on all the things that i have ... Read more >

one for the road..

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA | Saturday, 20 Oct 2007 | Views [443]

Well its now been 117 days, 14 countries, approx 22 000km, 21 border crossings, 15 different currencies, 5 flights, around 15 train rides and countless hostels, new friends, bottles of beer/whisky/vodka and I ask myself, has it been worth it??? Hell ... Read more >

a birthday to remember - if only i could remember what happened...

CROATIA | Sunday, 14 Oct 2007 | Views [609]

my head and body are pretty sore and my mouth tastes like cotton wool. it must be my birthday! We are now in Dubrovnik and staying in the best hostel i have ever stayed in. We arrived at 10am to a welcome shot of homemade alcohol from Mamma who is ... Read more >

here comes the sun...

CROATIA | Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007 | Views [398]

ahhhhhhhhhhhh. beautiful croatia. I was a bit tired when i wrote the last blog, so i left a bit of the details out, but now we are in beautiful sunny croatia and absolutley LOVING it! we arrived in split at 7am after the overnight train from Budapest ... Read more >

bathing in beautiful budapest

HUNGARY | Monday, 8 Oct 2007 | Views [260]

Budapest is a relly geat city. It seems to have the perfect mix for my likings. It's westernised enough that most things are pretty simple to do, but not too much that it has been over-run. It still has a very hungarian feel. There is also so much history ... Read more >

the life of a slovakian mountain goat

SLOVAKIA | Sunday, 7 Oct 2007 | Views [1802]

we are currently in Bratislava [think the movie 'Eurotrip' - "oh my god, we're in eastern europe!"] and, well, it is pretty cod-ordinary. dont get me wrong, there is a pretty looking castle and some nice old buildings in the old town, but ... Read more >

and then there were two

POLAND | Saturday, 29 Sep 2007 | Views [252]

The past few days have been pretty busy. After a day of exploring the beautiful old town of Krakow and enjoying a long lazy liquid lunch in the beautiful warm sunshine in the town square I met Morgan at the airport on tuesday night. it didnt really ... Read more >

lovely lublin

POLAND | Tuesday, 25 Sep 2007 | Views [236]

i felt that it was about time for some change. new continent, new season - meaning a new wardrobe. ive had to do a fair bit of clothes shopping in Hamburg and Warsaw as the clothes i had in my backpack werent quite up for a european winter. As for the ... Read more >

polska bound

POLAND | Thursday, 20 Sep 2007 | Views [271]

....... i wrote this last night after a bit of a night out with some irish guys and thismorning I counldn't remember what I had written. but it all seems ok, except for a few missing letters. just fill in the blanks!......   poland!!!!!!!!!!! ... Read more >

moscow, moscow....

GERMANY | Friday, 14 Sep 2007 | Views [229]

well now i am in germany. for all of my worrying about my russian visa, it all turned out fine (although the immigration officer at the moscow airport was giving my passport a few strange looks) and now i find myself thinking back to those days of german ... Read more >

life on the Kmart express pt2.

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Thursday, 13 Sep 2007 | Views [362]

well im now back on the computer...listening to poms whinging about not being able to get football on the TV. Life on the trans siberian was certainly something very interesting. there were so many characters on the train and there was always something ... Read more >

life on the Kmart express pt1.

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007 | Views [829]

Well I am now in moscow and still finding it hard to believe that I am now in europe. the place that seemed to be so far away for so long has suddenly creeped up on me - even though it took me 5 days on a train to get here. Just a few hours ago i was ... Read more >

downtown mongolia

MONGOLIA | Sunday, 9 Sep 2007 | Views [309]

The train trip from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar was certainly something to remember. It's hard to believe the changes in scenery that can happen in over 24 hours. Rolling out of Beijing it was endless apartment block, construction sites and pollution everywhere.... Read more >

monolia bound!

CHINA | Saturday, 8 Sep 2007 | Views [331]

Mongolia here I come!!!!!! So my time in China has thankfully almost come to an end. This time tomorrow morning I'll be on the train watching the great wall go past the windows and the horrible grey pollution [china mist] that covers all of china will ... Read more >

where to begin...?

CHINA | Thursday, 30 Aug 2007 | Views [442]

what a week it has been. it has felt like the longest and most trying week of my life. Needing to get from beijing to shanghai to get a new russian visa because the dates on my old visa wouldnt cover my new plans, i soon found out that all trains ... Read more >

china aint so great anymore...

CHINA | Sunday, 26 Aug 2007 | Views [714]

I was really looking forward to coming back to china for a week again. I was wondering what it would be like after 10 years, but it seems either my memories of what it was like are wrong, or Beijing has gone downhill since then. Already I'm just wanting ... Read more >

good morning vietnam!

VIETNAM | Monday, 20 Aug 2007 | Views [505] | Comments [1]

Another day, another country. more importantly, another currency with way too many zeros to count. I just cashed a $100 US travellers cheque and got back just under 1.6 MILLION dong. i could barely close my wallet. I now have a new favourite game -... Read more >

there's going to be fireworks

CAMBODIA | Thursday, 16 Aug 2007 | Views [622]

well i have just bought some dodgy fireworks for only $3 for our birthday beach party tonight, so who knows if i will survive the night. it's been pretty busy since my last post when we were in siem reap. that night we had another birthday in the ... Read more >

a land of extremes

CAMBODIA | Sunday, 12 Aug 2007 | Views [582]

i'm not sure exactly how to describe cambodia. before coming here i knew very little about this country except at Angkor Wat was one of the 7 wonders of the world and that they had just ended years of civil war and there are still massive numbers of ... Read more >

farewell laos, hello cambodia..

THAILAND | Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Views [787]

well once again I find myself for some reason in the grimy hole that is Bangkok. For the third and final time I have to endure the relentless offers of tuk tuks, taxi, suit and god knows what else, dodging manic traffic and choking on the pollution.... Read more >

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