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SOUTH KOREA | Friday, 7 May 2010 | Views [514]

Holy, holy, poop... I'm booooored; or just over tired. Ugh. I don't want to sleep or do anything productive. I'd like to draw and do some sketchies but I hate to do that stuff in the presence of people. *shifty eyes*

Saw the secret garden behind one of the many (5) palaces in Seoul. It was pretty and green with trees and water and little buildings. Whoop, whoop.

I met two girls from Vancouver. They were just passing through Korea very quickly and moving on to Thailand. Maybe I'll see them again, that would be odd, no? We hung out for a few hours and had lunch. I introduced them to my favorite street in Seoul (the artsy one) and went on my way.

I checked out this other area I was told is quite artsy; Samcheondonggil. I love that name though I wish I could pronounce it! So that road was definitely full of galleries and nice stores but it was the upscale version of what I was interested in. Everything was too pricy for me. No biggie though since I don't really need stuff. In fact, I'm trying to get rid of stuff at this point. I have a nice little brown dress and today I wore it as a final goodbye. I'll be sending a package home shortly and it may have a place in the box... maybe. Depends how I feel tomorrow and the size of the box, I guess.

Feeling in an adventurous mood this afternoon, I wandered toward a mountain. I don't know which it was though it wasn't particularly big. It had trees and turned out to have nice paths too. I just kinda chose the ones that went up and was rewarded with a nice view of the city and hills. The sun was in that golden afternoon stage which happens to be my favorite time of a summer day.

I scrambled up some rocks with my bum out in the wind. I was wearing shorts under the dress; no worries. Some older gent saw me in that lovely pose and I scrambled back down. I guess I'm not completely over my vertigo after all. Anyhow, I don't know if he was just showing off or actually intended to do it from the start but up he climbs like nothing and just stands there. Damn him and his steady stance!

I had another "Bicycle Boy" type of incident up there. A young guy, I call him "Purple Shoe Guy", was on his way down the path while I worked my way up. He stopped on the steps and we made eye contact. I think he recognized me too. We passed eachother by and that's just how I like it. I love crazy coincidences! The world is sometimes a small place but there's still so much to see and do. How exciting!

Okay, back to being bored.

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