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JAPAN | Friday, 26 March 2010 | Views [350]

I guess I look like someone named Bicky (I think she meant Vicky). That or maybe all of us white folk look the same to Asians. It could work both ways. I actually don't think everyone looks the same though.

Still at the youth hostel in Matsuyama. I'm so comfortable here I don't want to leave. I've booked two more nights so that leaves tomorrow to finish up the temples in the area then ???

I don't know what I'll do the rest of the day tomorrow. Laundry for certain but I've already seen the castle here. Definitely worth the walk up the hill and the 6$ admission inside. It beat the castle in Osaka hands down for interesting features and interior. The 5$ icecream was not so necessary. I followed that up with a visit to Mc Donalds (and soon a visit to the loo). It tastes the same here. Now I know and I don't have to eat it again.

I've completed temple 44 to 51 since I've been in Matsuyama. It was a hell of a far ride back out to 44 the other day but the walk was really nice. Not carrying around my big bag was a bonus too. I got lost again, as is my habit. Basically I walked over a big hill through a really neat forest with paths branching off all over. When I got back down there was a big tunnel I had to walk through to the other side. Only I didn't have to walk through that long dangerous and sidewalk free deathtrap. I was already on the wrong side. So I made two trips through it!

It's alright though. I wasted some time but it all worked out later on. When I came out of the tunnel I met an American from Alaska who I was to meet again later... when it all works out.

The rest of the walk was wet and muddy but not too brutal. Many parts of the path had become washed-out rivers but my boots held up. The forest leading down to temple 45 was set between cliff faces covered with vegetation. There was a constant sound of rain though it was only water dripping off the moss and ferns. The trees were the biggest I've seen yet and paths branched off again. There were small shrines all over and colourful flags. It was the most gorgeous forest I've ever seen. Describing it can't do it justice.

Temple 45 is also built against the cliffs lower down; water dripping onto the roofs. There was even an old ladder leading up to some carved out sections of the cliff. I love that temple. Beneath there was a cavern of some sort with only a few dim lanterns and at the back two buddha statues, also dimly lit. I couldn't tell if the tunnel went on but I was creeped out so I ended my search.

Once again bicycle boy appeared. We had a laugh and went on our way.

My bus was going to be an hour and a half wait. I wouldn't mind but I had already waited 3 hours that morning for the first but and I didn't like the thought of riding through unknown areas in the dark. I went to find a snack and the man in the store I found called up his buddy. His friend came along with a car and drove me to the bus station, saving me a lot of time and hassle. Erik, the American, was also waiting for the bus in 4 minutes so I even had a bus buddy! Turns out he's staying at the same hostel so I haven't been alone much lately. It's pretty nice.

There are many people staying here and we had a great time last night just chilling in the lounge. Free tea and oranges made it all the better. Where's the tea tonight, man? Maybe the owner doesn't want to encourage us to stay up late again. There's a 12:00am lights-out rule. That's the only thing I'm not thrilled about here but it does mean I get a good sleep.

I did temple 51 to 46 backwards today. I don't think I'll try that again. It's impossible to follow the markers.

Going for a snack run. Good thing I'm walking so much or I'd get really fat.

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