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My Scholarship entry - The Volcano Miners

Australia | Wednesday, 5 November 2014 | 5 photos

I have always been a keen traveller and snapper but starting with a China trip about 10 years ago I have been striving to make my holiday snaps into something worth looking at artistically. I have been much encouraged by the positive comments of critical friends.
Since retiring from paid work I spend most of my time in Indonesia, with as much additional travelling as time and funds permit. I have been teaching myself photography from books, magazines, and my own mistakes and successes. Successes - several photographs have been accepted for publication in various magazines!
Does 62 seem too old to be applying for this scholarship? I am a fit, healthy and active person with a passion for travel and a deep desire to produce meaningful, worthwhile photographs. I enjoy landscape, love photographing ancient buildings, but my aim is to photograph what I call the “dignity of humanity”. As I continue to practise and learn I envisage a long second career as a photographer, but don’t yet have the technical skills to produce the photos I see in my head! This scholarship would be an exciting step towards a professional level, and give me confidence in mentoring young Indonesians.

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