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Freedom veiled in tradition? Being a woman in South Asia

INDIA | Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | Views [1372]

On September 19 1893 New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world to give women the vote. We have a proud tradition of woman’s suffrage, and a society (for all its faults) that still values equality. I am no feminist but having ... Read more >

Tags: bangladesh, forts, india, jaipur, jaisalamer, women

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry: things that amuse me about Dhaka

BANGLADESH | Saturday, 15 Jun 2013 | Views [2224] | Comments [1]

After a week in beautiful, sleepy-green Chandpur, returning to Dhaka is an assault on the senses. As the ferry approaches the city, the first thing to hit you is the smell rising up from the water… a sulphurous, putrid mix of chemical and organic ... Read more >

Tags: bangladesh, dhaka, transport

Bangladesh: beauty in humble places

BANGLADESH | Saturday, 4 May 2013 | Views [909]

I arrived in Dhaka on Easter Sunday – a day of resurrection and new life. I had risen before dawn that morning – 4am to be precise – and, as my yellow taxi wound through almost empty Kolkata streets towards the airport, I wondered what ... Read more >

Tags: bangladesh, dhaka, school

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