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Trip: China

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Round up

CHINA | Thursday, 14 Jun 2007 | Views [896] | Comments [1]

You probably won't believe me when I say I will make a start at uploading my photographs next week, though it should be mentioned that I have 1000 photographs that need whitling down first. I just hope I can still remember where the shots were ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Chengde, Hebei

CHINA | Sunday, 20 May 2007 | Views [561]

If my memory serves me correctly The Summer Palace in Chengde is four times bigger than that in Beijing. My book tells me it covers 100,000 squares metres. Whereas the Summer Palace in Beijing dominates its surroundings by being bright, colourful with ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Pingyao, Shanxi

CHINA | Friday, 18 May 2007 | Views [525]

Had a really good journey from Datong to Pingyao as was travelling on a train where loads of people from my Datong tour were on the same train carriage. I came to Pingyao for no other reason than David (Israeli guy from Emei Shan) said that his ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Datong, Shanxi

CHINA | Wednesday, 16 May 2007 | Views [583]

Time was starting to become a valuable commodity, so I booked an organised tour with the CITS to visit the Hanging Temples and the Datong caves in one day.   This was by far the best tour I have been on in China. For one, it was full of English speaking ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Beijing, Beijing Shi

CHINA | Tuesday, 15 May 2007 | Views [698]

I arrived in Beijing via a very short flight from Shanghai. Met loads of lovely people staying at my hostel. The hostel itself whilst clean, it's staff were absolutely shit because of that this hostel was the worst I have stayed in during my two ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Shanghai, Shanghai Shi

CHINA | Saturday, 12 May 2007 | Views [902]

Shanghai was absolutely wicked, I was picked up at the train station by Wolfgang and asked what I wanted to do during my stay. I gave him a list of everything I’d read about on my long train ride over and told him my one wish was not to have to ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Kaifeng, Henan

CHINA | Tuesday, 8 May 2007 | Views [986]

Here I made the mistake of being the last person to disembark from my train carriage. As I came to the exit I saw a huge group of 20+ people waiting to get on. When I was on the last step of the train, a woman tried to wrestle my suitcase off me, I ... Read more >

Tags: People

Luoyang, Henan

CHINA | Monday, 7 May 2007 | Views [889]

I stayed in the only hostel in Luoyang near the train station. Unfortunately it was slap bang in the middle of the red light district, it took me two days to work this out mind, so I figured if I'd lived with it for that long I can handle it for a couple ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Xi'an, Shaanxi

CHINA | Thursday, 3 May 2007 | Views [851] | Comments [4]

I arrived in Xi'an at 7 am after a very long train journey from Yichang, we're talking 16 hours. It's been a while since I've travelled this kind of distance. Xi'an was nice, again it was baking hot, I think now we're in May this is going to become ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

Gallery: Yangze River Cruise

CHINA | Saturday, 28 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Yangzi River Cruise, Chongqing Shi and Hubei

CHINA | Saturday, 28 Apr 2007 | Views [1030] | Comments [2]

We arrived at Chongqing early. Let me say now, there is no other reason to visit Chongqing than to go on the river cruise. Do you yourself a favour and arrive no earlier than a few hours before your cruise departure time as this place is nothing special.... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Chengdu (take 2!), Sichuan

CHINA | Tuesday, 24 Apr 2007 | Views [467]

So I bet you're wondering if my legs were like jelly after Emei Shan? Well they were aching but they hurt worse after the Great North Run. Admittedly they were too sore to touch and the plans I'd envisaged of a lovely massage were shelved.  As it was, ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Gallery: Emei Shan

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

Colossal, beautiful mountain, my pictures do not do it justice
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Gallery: Lesham

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Huanglongxi

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Chengdu

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Zhongdian

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Lijang

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Kunming

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Guilin

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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