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The Traveler, J Keegan Wilson I am to young to know better and to old to care!

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Hello Wild World,

My name is J E Wilson, but I go by J. Keegan Wilson and the family dog's name was Keegan so I was named after the dog. After a lifetime of not being able to sit in one place more than a year I finally found travel teaching and have become a teacher to and student of the world. I have written several books and articles on or about my travels. My latest adventure took me to China, a great land with interesting people and culture and a great history. Though finding a perfect teaching job can be tough since recruiters will promise you the perfect place and lie to you in every sentence. Be upfront and let them now that if A, B & C are not included and as you want them then you will just pack up and move elsewhere to teach (a different Asean country). China is a pretty good place if your 420 friendly, as I am at 46, but just don't get caught, be stupid or you will be hating life. China prison is not a friendly place or in some cases to friendly for a skinny white boy from a foreign country. Just remember you are a visitor so don't try to flex you muscles, you'll lose. My last job was at a smile school, not teaching at all more of a foreigner expected to dress like Barney or Pee Wee Herman. It sucks! So I landed a quick teaching job in Thailand teaching conversational English to adult students. Nice gig with weekends off.

So far I have taught in Masan Bay South Korea and it was really great, taiwan was not quit a 3rd world country yey if not in the capital and Fukuokay, Japn was beautiful and greta place to be. Love Hong Kong but could only afford it since I was a US Merchant Marine Surveyor and Inspection Specialist and stayed at the Mariner's Club, but check out Silvermine Bay in Mui Wo, awesome place and where I want to retire to. Heading to Thailand Friday 03/01/2014 should be a great experience. Peace out fellow wonderers!

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