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Japan | Friday, July 5, 2013 | 5 photos

In the western corner of my room, an unsystematic assortment of photographs hangs by a piece of artist's tape. Some belong to me while others had been viciously torn from a favorite magazine or book. The perforated scars still line the edge.
As the traction from the tape wears off, these pictures will eventually slide off into that forsaken space between my desk and the wall, and a few months from now, more photographs will fall, leaving only a barren wall of adhesive tombstones.
Recently, I drew my desk back to uncover a treasure trove of hidden memories. That afternoon, old photos of my parents, my travels, and my inspirations all nestled back into the southern hemisphere of my brain, back to a place where they had once existed. To me, photography (both mine and others) represents that fleeting moment, preciously stored onto that wall in my room. Like memories, those moments will eventually slip away, until that one day I uncover them again. And when I do, I sit there, carefully appreciating every bit until I look up to see an entire afternoon gone.
There's always more space on my wall. I think Greenland will fit nicely.

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