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Serbian Borders, Kosovo cakes and alot of waiting... Fail

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA | Saturday, 21 November 2009 | Views [345]

OK Kosovo...We managed to not stay to long (thats the best and worse thing about Kosovo is that it feels so homely that you can end up staying for 2 weeks or more if you are not careful).
We had a fantastic time there catching up with friends and exploring some more of the country. Driving around the country with Mr Peter Fox in Honda honda Jazz Jazz (suprisingly still in 1 piece after our previous tips into the nature with it in the summer where it drove through rivers and over mountains).   
We did however run into problems when we tried to leave.
The day started off bad and then got alot worse from there.
Firstly I was getting a taxi from in town to the guest house (been to collect the breakfast =P )to see the girls. I got in the taxi and then the driver, who was a sweet 60 year old man, attempted to take me out for coffee. After explaining that I didnt want to go for a drink with him he finally started driving me in the right direction...We chatted for a while in a mixture of french and german and I explained that me and my 2 friends were hitching to Sarajevo, Bosnia that afternoon. To this the taxi driver offered to drive us for "no money money, no problem, is good".
I politely refused his offer but when he dropped me off at the guest house it became quite clear that the drive was in exchange for something else (ahem).
Immediatly I ran inside (after urgently texting jenny to come and let me in) and just settled with taking his card from him, then we all ate croissants.
The day got progressively worse, first hitchike to Metrovice we were in the car with a creepy "face stroker". This is the name of a man who likes to stroke your face for no reason. Unfortunatly it was my face he happened to be stroking and he even hit Lissa at one point when she tried to comfort me *exit car quickly*.
After hitching in quite a few more card to the Serbian border we were quickly informed by the Serbian border police that "no you are not coming in to Serbia today".
It turned out that because we had entered Kosovo through Macadonia and had not received Serbian entry stamps (quick lesson, Kosovo is not part of Serbia anymore...Unless you are Serbian, in that case you think it is!) we were not allowed into Serbia.
After this we went and sat with this Kosovo police men at their border and they gave us cakes and coca cola.
We decided the best thing to do would be go back to Prishtina, night bus to Podgerica, Montenegro and then bus to Bosnia from there. At this point we had already wasted a day nearly, pissing about at borders and were having issues so the hitching in that area was not working.
The bus was your classic Kosovo bus trip which meant a video of a man and woman singing in a park played at full blast for 5 hours whilst the bus driver occassionally brings you biscuits and drinks! This bus also happened to have random oddballs on it. A couple who decided to watch me. I mean they just sat opposite me for an hour and stared. SO much that I had to move seats to the back of the bus. Also an old French man who was trying to take photos of me ón his camera phone whilst chatting about Princess Diana.

Unfortunatly the buses were night buses. and in the end it took us 32 hours of traveling from when we left Prishtine to when we got to Bosnia .
We spent 7 hours alone at a bus station in Poderica just drinking Turkish coffee, chain smoking and attempting to keep our eyes open !

By the time we arrived in Bosnia I think all 3 of us wished I had taken the 60 year olf taxi driver up on his offer.

Great time had in Sarajevo though. Went to see New Moon (because yes we are geeks) and ate lots of Cevapcici, although didnt fill up suitcases with the stuff as me and Jenny had originally wanted to !

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