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My name is Hendrik Lerios, I'm 25 years old. I live in the Philippines. I have extreme passion for the outdoors, and a love affair with nature. I have been climbing mountains since my childhood, and became oriented in the mountaineering discipline during my days in College. I have just recently brought my camera up on a mountain along with my tripod to capture the night sky, and loved it!

Photography has been in my blood for more than two decades now. I have been known to Irritate my father because I always wanted to take a look through the viewfinder, myself. be it our old nikon film camera or our handheld videocamera. (which at the time, were very expensive. you can imagine my fathers irritation every time I want to take a look and take a shot.) I always want to document things through stills, for I captures a moment, an exact moment which can never be repeated again. 

I think I should be chosen because; These are two of my passions, and It would be great to bring them together. to be able to do what I love and still get paid for it. for so long, I secretly have been dreaming to be a Photographer for National Geographic. I just needed some place to start and a good mentor.

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