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6 Months, 3 Continents, 25 Countries, 1 Plane Ticket...Who's Going?

HONG KONG | Wednesday, 13 January 2010 | Views [360] | Comments [2]

Almost Failure! Plane was supposed to take off in half an hour as our names were called to go to the desk. To our delight, we were informed that, and i quote "There is one seat left, who's going?". Awesome! After a game of rock paper scissors, another seat opened up. Thank god! We boarded the plane with ten minutes to spare! Then our plane was delayed an hour, makig our total time on the airplane 18 hours. Super fun time. NOOOOOT! We ended up with seats apart from eachother, but after asking a very nice girl, she switched with us and she took the very back seat of the plane. Yay! Let us just say, someone who sleeps the entire 18 hour flight is on drugs. Serious drugs. This is the lady we were stuck with in our aisle seat. We had to shake her awake to both leave our seats, and then wake her up again to get back n them 5 minutes later. Drugs!

Once finally arriving in Hong Kong, we decided to go to the visitor info desk to ask the best way to reach out hotel. Thank god we did, or we would end up with a seriously hefty cab bill, and denied entry to the border of China, because yes, this hotel was in fact not in Hong Kong, but CHINA! Requiring a visa, which we did not possess. Oops. Luckily after many phone calls, one being an international call on the info girls cell phone, we managed to get our booking cancelled and our money refunded. Now after being up for 48 hours, we had the joy of finding a new hotel! These info lady girls were our serious saviours! After asking to sleep on thier couch, they put a little extra effort into helping us out! The found us a great place at a geat deal for the night, and gave us info on where to stay the rest of our nights. So we're now in a hostel and enjoying Hong Kong! We will indulge you with tales of our adventures here after Disneyland! Yay Mickey! Until then,

Peace out homies!

Kaitie and Caroline




YAY travel blog! YAY info girls! YAY not going to China?
keep the stories coming! :)

ps love the title! :P

  hannahandemma Jan 13, 2010 5:29 PM


Love the travel blog..so happy you made the flight and sat together. Sounds like your havin a blast! Peace Out xo

  pam and Dad Jan 17, 2010 9:21 AM



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