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INDONESIA | Wednesday, 3 December 2008 | Views [794] | Comments [1]

My last 2 days in Bali were spent in a cheap place near the airport, and accross the steeet from a large western mall. I actually had arrived without a reservation and spent an hour driving around with a taxi looking at places. After seeing 3 places that were too expensive given there quality, I settled on a cheap place ($13 with AC) that was not quite as nice as the others but was MUCH cheaper. I then had dinner at this very good italian resturant (a big suprise, especially given how bad the food had been in kuta) and afterwards I was chatting with this women from Kalamantan (borneo) who worked there. She wanted to know how come I was 4 months pregnant. I Said, wow, only 4- I used to be 6 months pregnant. Hmm, I find it strange that strangers would say such things. Is it an unusual kind of flirtation??

My first day I did a excellent bike ride from mount batur to ubud. Mount batur was stunning. Its an active volcano, with 3 large rings and a lake next to it. The ride was mostly down hill so we went pretty fast. We did get to stop at a tradition balinese compound with multiple small buildings and a mini hindu temple. Anyway the ride was quite fun and we had a good meal back in ubud before taking the van back to kuta.

During my last day in Bali, I spent the morning at the beach behind the mall. Then I met up with paul, had lunch, drove around a bit on his motorbike,  visited a gormet western food store, and finally went back to the mall. At the mall there was a large delegation from kalamantan trying to promote tourism there. I just missed a dance performance, but got to chat with a women from the delegation who gave be this cool necklace with a tooth as its centerpiece (and I am still wearing it 10 days later).

After paul went home, I went back to see the repeat performance of the dancing. Soon after the first dance group did there thing, I was summoned up to the stage. After asking me a few questions (where I was fun, have I been to borneo and so on), I was asked to repeat the dance. Wow, I wished I was paying better attention. But I started to dance (I have no idea if it was close) and then I turned and asked in thge mike they had given me, for the drummers to start drumming again (they had stopped after the official dancers were done). How can I dance with the drummers, I said. So the drummers came back and started playing and I danced some more in front of a few hound people that were gathered around. Anyway they gave be a souvenir boat which I need to give away since I am carrying too much stuff. I actually also chatted a little while with a women who was working at the mall, and who wanted me to take her with me to jogjakarta where I was going the next day. Its funny, in the US I hate malls. But I really liked having a middle class experience in a poor country, and being somewhere where there is no high pressure sales tactics going on. Its actually somewhere where I can meet some locals.

The next morning I got up at 4 AM, and went to the airport for my visit to Jogjakarta. Goodbye Bali..

ps. I am writing this in a internet cafe in laos, seated next to a monk in an orange rope.

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i am thoroughly enjoying your journal. Awesome trip!I've only misplayed 19 contracts...so you're not missing much on bbo...Kidding :) Enjoy your trip...see ya soon.

  tina mckim Dec 8, 2008 5:45 PM

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