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Delightful Customers 2

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS | Saturday, 9 February 2008 | Views [721]

OK, when I first added 'delightful customers 1' I'd not long been on the island and was relatively new to the Americans and their demanding ways.  Over a year has passed since we landed on this scrubbly little island and mindsets have changed a little.

The American culture is a little out of focus I think, a culture where responsibility is not accepted for the individuals behaviour, if you trip it most certainly is not your fault, it is not up to you to look where you are going, it's up to the authorities to ensure the surface is even, slip proof and grippy for you with an appropriate amount of signage should it not be.  Sharp corners on cupboards (you know the ones, they've been around for centuries, design hasn't changed from when your great great great grandmother used them) are a potential law suit now.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's difficult to like them sometimes, all is good with them until something doesn't go their own way or an (unreasonable) expectation is not met.  What I hadn't realised is that, refreshingly, a lot of them feel the same way.

Curious was that during our month trip to the States (see dannygoesdiving journal for information, he's the fiance and is better at these things than I) all barr 1 person we encountered was lovely, the everyday Americans are chirpy, positive thinkers and generally just good old down to earth nice people.

Take for example a recent customer, Mrs M we'll call her, came out to dive with us with anticipation of doing maybe 2 more specialty courses, she already had about 7.  Mr M also had the same expectation, he had about 14 already.

However, Mrs M just couldn't dive, she was a lovely lady, had logged 30 dives but maybe only 1 or 2 of those where actually fun dives, all the rest had been training.  She had the full range of all the most recent equipment (quite technically styled equipment as well) but not really much knowledge of how to use it.  She spent the first half of the week endangering herself with her inability to control herself under the water and the second half trying to undo all the negative experiences she'd had in the first.

My god was she a fighter though, she did not once give up, this lady was a self employed, mother of 2 who, looking at her was clearly into excercise as she was incredibly fit and strong.  She wasn't giving up for anything or anybody.  Her husband (like most guys) was at a loss as to how to 'help' her and was quite distressed at her upset and frustration.

Anyway, this is one lady who has my respect and admiration, she left after her holiday with a great sense of achievement that I believe was greater than she experienced from any of her many courses.  That is the American culture that you don't see everyday but is most definitely there, they're fighters, they believe in the 'American dream' and don't give up.

The other experience I've had most recently is the wonderful Ms L.  She came out with her partner, both were divorcees, each with kids, each having found a great love in each other, a great trust and respect.  He already dives, she wanted to learn.  She insisted I teach her, I think there was some kind of connection when we first met and she was as keen for me to teach her as I was to be her instructor, sometimes they just hit you like that.

So we giggled, bickered and laughed our way through her course, she trusted me and knew she was safe and I did my best to turn her into the best diver she could be.

Even when she chased the shark down to nearly 100 feet (she should have been no deeper than 60), the look of amazement and joy on her face was a beautiful sight (what I could see of it through my laughter induced flooded mask).

To see someone in such awe of the watery world, to see someone recognise the beauty and strength in the wet and the creatures that live within it, was a great experience and one I am very very happy to have been able to share it with her.

She had great boobs as well, totally fake and rather large but they looked great!

Actually, oddly enough, both of these ladies had fake ones on incredible bodies.  Go girls!!

So that's the end of my story, not really a story, just some musings I guess.  No real conclusion, just a message of a greater understanding of cultures.

Josie xx

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