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Passport & Plate - Maltese Trifle

Malta | Wednesday, 4 March 2015 | 1 photos

cooked sponge cake

300g ricotta

300ml fresh cream

100g sugar

liqueur of your choice

candied cherries

walnuts or roasted almonds

1 packet of strawberry jelly

600ml milk

120g sugar

40g custard powder


How to prepare this recipe
Begin by preparing the custard. Put ¾ of the milk and sugar in a casserole. Put it on a moderate heat till it starts to boil.
Dilute custard in the remaining milk and add to the boiled milk. Cook for few minutes stirring all the time. Remove from heat and leave it to cool.
Slice the sponge thickly and cover the bottom of a large serving dish with them.
Make the strawberry jelly, following the instructions on the packet but using only two thirds of the amount of water indicated.
Pour the jelly mixture over the sponges and let them soak.
You can either add the custard immediately or else leave till the sponges are well soaked with the jelly. Put the trifle aside till the custard settles.
In a mixing bowl cream together the fresh cream and the ricotta. Add the sugar and liqueur. Mix well.
Spread the ricotta mixture over the custard.
Decorate with cherries, walnuts or roasted almonds.


The story behind this recipe
This recipe has been a tradition in our family passing from generation to the next. Myself I remember my grandpa doing it as he used to live in the same household. When he passed away, my mum took up the tradition and every December I always remind her to do it for me because I really like it. The recipe changed since my grandpa already as my mum likes to experiment with new ingredients. She usually does it for Christmas and/or New Years dinners as a dessert.

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