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All About the Moolah?

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 17 March 2014 | Views [751]

I attended a friend's birthday gathering this weekend. I didn't know a lot of the people there personally but my friend, being so impressed with my travelling, didn't hesitate to share what I did last year with everyone I met. I think most people didn't quite know how to react, similar to how it was, when I first started telling people my plans before I left. A common question that never fails to pop up though is "How much money did you spend?!"

This is not new. I REALLY dislike being asked this question. It's mainly because I feel it's so personal. It's almost like asking someone how much money do they have in their bank account. It opens you to judgement and instead of seeing your trip as an unforgettable experience or assessing you by your character, things are suddenly viewed in dollar signs. This - I really despise. 

I don't think being asked the question routinely makes it any easier. And it's still not alright if someone close asks me especially if I've already told them how much I dislike being asked. 

Money has never been a topic I've been fond of discussing with people. It's obvious I recognise its importance in our everyday lives but I don't see it as the be-all or end-all of how we live or how we view our lives. That said, I admit the fear of losing financial stability was one that delayed me from going on my round-the-world trip sooner. But after a while, the need to fulfil my goals and do something about my life overcame my fear. I stopped thinking about how much money I would lose paying for such a trip. I started viewing money as having a temporary nature. Even if you spend all you have, there's some way of earning it back again. Just like how it is with most things in life - there's always a way. Even if it may be a long time before you see the end result.

To be completely honest, how much I spent shouldn't really matter to anyone, even if they're considering doing a similar trip. Everyone's different and each trip is as individual as its traveller. We spend differently, have different interests and priorities, have different dreams and goals, travel differently, etc. There's so many factors that affect the end cost! 

At the end of the day, when you embark on such a journey, you'll quickly realise it really isn't all about the money. Though I spent less than I was prepared to spend, the things I gained from going on this trip was well worth every penny if not more. The experience, memories, friends - it's all simply priceless.

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