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Australia Entry 5 of Journal 03/13/13

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 14 March 2013 | Views [418]

Sweating after basketball

Sweating after basketball

Dear Journal (and to all my readers) 

The last couple days have been filled with a lot of work, and a lot of fun! Staring with the work part, i got to do a lot of cooking for the catering company  have been working at, and it's been a great learning experience. 
 The work day consisted of 11 hrs and not just cooking but being a bar tender. I have never bar tended before but after the last two days i think i have a pretty good idea why bartenders deserve big tips. It is a really stressful job, it was fun for a couple days but if i had to do that day in and day out i would shoot myself. People constantly unhappy about something, and then the happy ones think that by having a long conversation with you, there making you happy. Well let me tell you, there intentions are good but when i have to talk to one person and serve 20 others the talking part can get very distracting. 
 On Sunday after work i got to meet up with a couple friends that i met in San Francisco (i think i told you about that already but ya). We went out to eat the first night and the second night we went to a little Jewish frat party. I got to meet a bunch of nice people who i think i'm gonna chill with next week and i also got hit on hardcore by one girl who was pretty good looking (yay).
 On Tuesday i went to a friends wedding which was pretty awesome. I was standing constantly with a vodka solo (Vodka with lemon soda) in my hands at all times, i got to meet tons of nice people there, and i danced a lot. I got to meet an old friend there with her 2nd cousin who invited me up to Sydney to visit and show me around! I also also going to stay by my old friend when i got gold coast, and of course she will show me around!!!!
 Last night i went and played basketball for the 2nd time in five years, which would explain why after 3 hours of playing i could barely move. It was so worth it, and again i got to meet some really good people. I could see a huge separation between the people here, its like there is the chilled out and the cocky but there's no in between, i guess it makes an easy choice of who you want as friends haha! There was the one girl that i met that was really cocky but once i broke through the BS i got to see the really nice and sweet side of her, so maybe there's still hope! 
 Today i decided to just stay home and chill out (lick my wounds from the game ad being out of shape). SO im gonna stay put and watch some movies on my lap top and maybe chill with the next door nabors.
 The diet i wrote about in my other entry has officially not started yet (i keep on getting free food so its hard to keep to the cheap diet).

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