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THAILAND | Tuesday, 8 January 2008 | Views [500] | Comments [1]

So, I landed in Bangkok and it was pretty crazy. Little bit of culture shock. The city is pretty big but what makes it sem even bigger is the fact that there are little markets packed into every block like a maze within the streets. Thailand is very cheap which is pretty awesome. We mainly got around by sky train at first then we just started taking cabs since it was so cheap. I got some pictures taken for my Vietnam visa and we sent off our passports to get the visa. After Bangkok we headed up to Chang Mai while we are waiting for the visas to come through. While we were in Bangkok we got front row seats at a Muay Thai Kickboxing match. It was awesome!! With front row tickets we were able to go into the lockers with the fighters and everything. The food in Thailand is great though the choices are fairly limited. Lots of meat on sticks, soups, and rice dishes. I discovered that I like fishballs. The squid on a stick isn't too bad either. Actually I havent really eaten anything that I dont like. Except I bit into one spice or a pepper that I really did not agree with. Tasted of strong Popurie.  We used  the  river boats to get around  a lot. We visited a couple temples and we were goign to go to the palace but we didnt have the right clothing on. Everyone is mourning the death of the Kings sister. Her picture is everywhere in Thailand. TV, streets, Internet, everywhere. Another interesting thing is seeing all the monks in the city. Oh yeah and Thailands full of stray dogs and cats. We had a cat sneak in through our balcony at the guest house and in slept in the bed with Alex. To get to Chang Mai we took a night train and met some Thai's and I used a Thai language book I bought to learn a lot of the language with them. The seats folded out into beds and we slept our way to Chang Mai. It was a 13 hour trip.

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Please, please don't fall off the rocks, the motorcycle or the elepphant ............but do have a wonderful,
wonderful time.
Love you so much.
Mom and Dad
P.S. Don't see a helmet in the photo of you on the cycle?!?!

  Mom Jan 8, 2008 3:09 PM



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