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From the dusty foothills of the Andes am the Flat Footed Adventure: an explorer, adventurer and aspiring writer from London, England and now living in Western Australia. My aim is to share his stories to inform, entertain and, hopefully, inspire others to explore the world — while also ex

About jchesters

My goal in life is simple: I want to travel, have adventures, and write about them.

I jokingly refer to myself as the flat-footed adventurer: with flat feet, bow legs and no sense of direction I'm the person least likely to be an adventurer. But that's also what drives me: the desire for adventure and overcoming adversity. I hiked the Inca Trail and drove a pack of huskies across the Arctic Circle. I moved my life to Australia. Next, I want to cross Costa Rica.

Through my writing, I aim to inspire, entertain and educate an audience.

I want to inspire adventurous people to travel and have adventures of their own. I want to provide entertainment and escapism to people who don't want to travel. And I want them all to learn something new from my travels.

Since I was a child, I have loved to write and tell stories. I had a head full of crazy ideas and a burning desire to write them all down. Not much has changed, I'm still that little boy, writing down his stories for anyone that will read them.

I dream of travelling the length of North & South America in one trip, of finding and writing about Australia's coolest small towns, of the pyramids and volcanoes of Balinese jungles.

My Travel Map: