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Byron Bay- Sunnshine at Last!!

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 3 September 2008 | Views [808] | Comments [1]

We wake up in Byron Bay on (insert day here…I’ve lost track..being a hobo and all that) to the first day of proper sunshine! Now this is what I came to Australia for…sack the Snowy Mountains and the Great Ocean road…give me a bit of sun and a sandy beach any day! If theres one thing im good at, its lazin’ around and snoozing, so we grabbed towels and headed for the beach right beside our camp site.


While I soaked up the UV rays, John braved the water in his painfully embarrassing blow up mobile phone. Sweet lord he’s got no shame…a beach full of slick surfers dudes “ridin the waves”, bikini-clad girls playing volleyball like pro’s and all the while John wrestles with his inflatable mobile phone in the sea like a 5 year old. Naturally I came back 4 hours later with a nice healthy sun burn (Im still peeling as we speak L ) and John quite heartbroken as his inflatable “floatation device” suffered one too many punctures and has now seen its last days at sea. All in all a successful first day at the beach.


Byron Bay in general has lots to offer…we only stayed two days but its on my list of “I might come back and work here” places (which as John tells me I’ve been saying about everywhere). Basically I’ve been kinda checking out what towns/cities I’d like to spend the rest of the year working in to pay off the mammoth loan I’ve taken out getting here. So Byron seems to be high on the list- great weather even in Winter, not too big to be expensive or hectic and not too small to be dull or quite. Plus there is a  wealth of great bars and restaurants were I could earn a few dollars (and I’m sure spend a few aswell) I like it.




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That blow up phone is awesome. Dom Joly would be proud.

  Charlie Sep 15, 2008 5:49 PM

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