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Show Us your Craic! -'Australia'! John and Deirdra

And up the coast we go!

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 22 August 2008 | Views [1053]

So its Thursday morning and we wake up feeling quite unrefreshed and unrested after a chilly night in the van and aching bones from our rare bout of exercise on the mountains- but hey - we’re “real” campers now…yea. We’re the real deal- we’re tough as old boots now- camping out in the wilderness with no “facilities”- beat that Crocodile Dundee- I don’t see you risking your life for World Nomads now do I?

Anyway, enough bullshit, we’re on the road again and next stop on the map seems to be Newcastle- a little city which the lonely planet gave rave reviews for- i.e “Newcastle is easily worth a couple of days or more” or “what’s not to love” and “whatever you do don’t just pass through” yea whatever lonely planet! We did pass through… we didn’t stay a couple of days, never mind more and to be honest, there’s a lot not to love. Rumbling into the city in the van, it didn’t seem to bad and we headed straight for the main vantage point to get some views and see what the city was like from the 180 steps of “Queen’s Warf Tower”- the locals have nicknamed it the Giant Penis and for good reason- its shaped like one and it smells like one- the look out point at the top seemed pretty much like the drinking hangout for local kids- graffiti and cigarette butts and the plastic screen made for some great views over the industrial construction sites alond the coast. All in all I’d say Newcastle in England probably has more charm. (Eeeek I feel bad now!- Sorry Newcastle!)

Ok so we didn’t really give it a chance, maybe it was just that it was Winter, maybe it was just that it was late evening and nothing was happening, but whatever it was, I still nagged John to get us moving again up the coast- and I’m so glad I did. As what always seems to happen when you least expect it, you come upon the most charming little nuggets of gold, tucked away in a remote little area- Port Stephens was were we landed next and to the Melaluca Backpackers for some camping. Read on for more on this little gem of New South Wales….

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