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Diego and Jose's tequila tour!

The United States of America

USA | Wednesday, 8 July 2009 | Views [422] | Comments [3]

After many months of planning, Dave and Jarrod have finally arrived in the States ready for their journey for 5 months travelling south through Central America and hopefully finishing up at the final destination Peru.

NOTE: this is a combined effort from Dave and Jarrod so you'll have to forgive the I's We's and references to each other in the third person. If you wanna be that picky go read a newspaper.

LONDON (for Dave)

Who wouldn't want to extend their travel time by 52 hours and fly to LA via London. Good work Dave, you wanker.

LOS ANGELES - June 29 to July 2

It took all of a few minutes for us to work out that LA is a stinking rubbish infested hole. On the upside, three days of drinking seemed to quell our distaste.

We stayed at a nice little hostel in Venice and met up with a couple of great Canidiots... or Canadians... we love you Tan and Jon (spelling is unimportant in Australia).

Our mornings were spent checking out the wonders of beach going Americans - just ask them and they'll be happy to relate to you their life stories. And beware of the self-proclaimed "rock-stars" working out at muscle beach. I'm sure they looked great during the 70's when they were 30 year olds.

We also managed to catch a Dodgers game and partook in a $5 Dogders dog and $12 beer... yes, that was a $12 beer.  The highlight was the lady who was sitting in front of us that had more silicon than IBM. I think the Dodgers won in the end... but we can't be nippled, I mean sure.

On our last day in LA, we hired some push bikes from our hostel and rode them harley style to Santa Monica beach. A most enjoyable experience I'm sure Dave would agree. This expedition ended like so many others in LA at our favorite tiny Thai restaurant for a Pad thai kai, and a spicey beef salad. A certain highlight for us in the city of angels.

LAS VEGAS - July 3 to July 6

Sorry guys - What happens Vegas stays in Vegas. Reference the movie "The Hangover"

SAN DIEGO - July 7 to July 10

Recovery. This trip started with a ten hour bus ride from Vegas to LA then on to San Diego. We got in at 4.30am, had to wait 1 and a half hours for another bus (getting used to this) then had a 30 min ride to the hostel were we waited for another 2 hours for the hostel to open. Travelling is great but we are thinking of renaming it "waiting".

The hostel we are staying in is a nice little place on Ocean Beach. We have concluded that we are the ugliest people in the place. Well spotted Jarrod.

We are planning on getting dow to the beach soon - after we sort out the problems we are having with editing, posting photos and just computers generally. At least we aren't checking out hard core porn in an internet cafe like the old bloke behind us. We keep hearing noises but we're scared to turn around.

So where to next? On Friday we are catching a bus to Tijuana and heading down the Baja Peninsula (about a 16 hour bus ride - can't wait for that!). We have managed to avoid Tequila so far but we've the feeling that's about to change....our Mexican adventure begins.



Can you hurry up and get a phone so I can contact you boys!!! Sounds like things are coming together 'Tequila Time' Keep the blogs coming!!!

  Shane Jul 9, 2009 1:04 PM


The old guy in the internet cafe.. HAHA! Scary!

  Rhi Jul 9, 2009 5:14 PM


Aahhh - LA just as I remember it!!! You have bought back so many memories - thanks. Travel Safe. xx

  Taz Jul 12, 2009 11:16 AM

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