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Opposite of déjà vu

Discovering unspoiled Myanmar

Myanmar | Thursday, 4 July 2013 | 5 photos

Usually upon arriving to a new destination, we look for something familiar to feel more secure. However, my curiosity has swayed me to look for the "opposite of déjà vu"- to indulge in unexpected experiences and situations.

In the last few years, I visited 30 countries in search for such situations, and when traveling for a short period of time was not enough to provide a better understanding, I relocated my workplace to satisfy my craving.

My studies in Environmental sciences made me see the influence of globalization in various cultures of the world and learn about man’s relation with nature. I volunteered in Myanmar in order to witness and appreciate this basic relation. Living in a remote village away from civilization where inhabitants survive on available resources has fulfilled my studies. Reminding me of my childhood in Spain; a kid in a small village surrounded by nature - nowadays forgotten and abused – but it’s our heritage and origin.

We should be conscious of how we interact and adapt with our environment. I hope this opportunity with Jason will help me reflect this reality in the photos I take, leave a good impact on nature and share my findings with the world.

About isma

Almost every day, Thura, the 10 year old son of Manue and Hayma, (his name means bravery in Burmese), takes his father’s buffaloes on a walk to the river. The buffaloes enjoy their journey grazing along the way to finally take a dip in the refreshing river. Thura sometimes joins his animal friends in the water and plays with them. He told me that the water buffalo posing with him in the photo is his oldest friend. After I departed from this village, I was overwhelmed with how this small family lived in togetherness with themselves and nature; how much the mother forest has to give to its brave child if he can appreciate and value what she has to offer

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