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The journey without destination "We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment." -Hilaire Belloc

Sabaidee Pi Mai

LAOS | Friday, 4 January 2008 | Views [895]

I did not write for long time and I will soon put more details about my journey (I promise). But now, I would like to share with you some reflections of another (or better to say - same) journey – > life.

Although it is just a date, New Year is always a good opportunity to make ourselves more conscious on where we are and where we would like to be. We mostly have this need to list things we did not do so well in our life and to note somewhere things we would like to do in the next year. Most of the time our list will be filled with bigger things we want to accomplish in our life or in that particular year, which, somewhere deep down, we know that most of them we will probably not achieve; but we write them down anyway. In one way it is good to put down on the paper things we would like to do, as with this we “visualize” the wishes and make them “official” (this is what I did for my journey I am now at).

Some people do not put anything down. Some know what they don’t want to do, but do not know (yet) what they would really like to do; and this is also OK – sometimes I am also like that. What is more important is to reflect about our life, things we do and think, about people we are surrounded with... Thinking about it makes me always more conscious on who I am, what my actions are causing (to people around me and myself), where I would like to go and which kind of person I would like to be.

But let us not get to harsh on ourselves also, as life is about small things. We do not need to climb the Mt. Everest to feel as “on the top of the world” (although I would really love to). We do not need to earn a million Euros to be happy (although it would be nice to afford few crazy ideas I have in my mind). We do not need to do everything what is expected from us to feel successful and accepted - we should just be ourselves.

It is all right to do only one step towards something we would like to be, as it is usually all it takes and sometimes it is the hardest step to make (I feel it from my own experience). All it takes could be also to give to a person we see on the street a smile, and it could be awarded with a warm feeling once the smile is returned, or even it could bring a new, beautiful friendship. It is about few minutes more we spent with our loved ones that can make us feel as we are the luckiest person in the world (instead of always rushing to do/finish this and that). It is reading a nice book in the lazy Sunday afternoon that can give us more energy to face the always dreaded Monday. It is enough to sit for a moment next to the river (as I am now doing, watching the river Mekong passing by and the villagers fishing and bathing) and let its tranquility, strength and beauty calm our buzzing head and thoughts.  It is about breathing deeply or just doing small things which could make us content (at least for a while).

So, my New Years resolutions are: do the little things, enjoy in the moment, reflect on the endless experiences life is facing me, breath and just BE myself!

There is a small country named Bhutan in the Himalaya region, in which the King made elaboration on the measurement of the country’s success. Before GDP (Gross Domestic Product), he had put GNH as more important measurement of success and it meant GROSS NATIONAL HAPINESS!!! It sounds almost like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? But aren’t we all yearning on just being happy? I surely do!

Therefore, I wish to all of us happy journey through our lives, which will enrich us with a variety of experiences, wisdom, health, love and harmony!

SABAIDEE PI MAI or Happy New Year (as they would say in Laos)

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