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Spain | Monday, 7 November 2011 | 5 photos

The fanfare of the Feria de Abril captivated me with its allure during an impromptu tour through Sevilla, Spain and these photographs are a testimony to its vivacity, magnetism and bustle. There’s always that one person who stands out of the crowd – the woman on horseback tenuously adjusting her shawl, the coquettish stance of a gossiping girl, the lonely bystander amidst the revelry, the stranger who looks straight at the camera lens despite the chaos and distraction around her, the curious glance from a woman on the fringes of conversation. For me photography has always been a pursuit to portray life as visual poetry, a reduction sauce that can showcase striking disparities or similarities and inspire us to think beyond our mind’s horizons. Photography makes a moment immortal. I would be blessed with this opportunity to enhance my photographic knowledge and skill and would use it as a launching pad for my life’s aspiration to pursue freelance travel writing and photography. I look forward to whole-heartedly immersing myself in South African culture and the learning process while embracing its inherent challenges. In the future I hope to use my words and photographs to give people a voice, to validate their unique stories and to inspire others to reach across barriers, whether it’s globally or in their own community.

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