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Cairo's people

My Scholarship entry - Scenes from the old city of Cairo

Egypt | Sunday, 23 November 2014 | 4 photos

I’ve many stories in my life, the shortest one is the story of my life. Living with people is one thing, but living by people is another. My passion is to elicit answers of the most complex questions through the daily routine of the simplest human-being, and I don’t know a way better than photography to get me a ticket to people’s lives, even if it is only for one-hundredth of a second.
Becoming a traveling photographer, is the ultimate dream, while striving to get better photos that give me clearer answers, is my motivation, and being able to capture the story-that took decades to be written-at the push of a button, is the best reward. I photograph to help, to draw a smile on a strangers’ faces when they meant to be sad, to document the presence of a man when these photos might be the only proof that this man ever existed!
Life is an infinite process of education, and learning from the masters is the best way to take my photography to the next level. I’ve always been dreaming of going on assignment for Nat Geo, and here it comes with Jason Edwards to the Amazon!
Maybe I am just a dreamer, but I only know one fact about dreams; they do come true; that today was a dream yesterday.

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