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Oh Barcelona, The Land of Fun and Friends

SPAIN | Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010 | Views [461] | Comments [2]

Wow! What can I say about Barcelona... Well, first, as soon as I crossed into Spain I suddenly was on Spanish time * (See below for translation). Second, I made such great friends while being there. Thirdly, I happened to stumble into Barcelona during ... Read more >

Tags: barcelona, beach, dancing, fire parade, la merce, new friends, spanish time

Ruffpyre! My Southern France Experience

FRANCE | Thursday, 23 Sep 2010 | Views [616] | Comments [2]

Sorry this blog is coming so late! When planning my travels I decided to plan a week where I would get out of the typical tourist role and into the country. To really see the land and the people. I chose France as the country to do so in through a ... Read more >

Tags: chickens, cooking, disco party, friends, garden, ignorance, rugby

Paris Has My Heart CONTINUED

FRANCE | Saturday, 11 Sep 2010 | Views [345]

~Sorry for any hurriedness, misspelling, etc for I am paying to write this and I am trying to rush~ Though I really enjoyed my three straight days of sight seeing I decided I had seen enough of the city to know where I wanted to hang out and I wanted ... Read more >

Paris Has My Heart

FRANCE | Saturday, 11 Sep 2010 | Views [428]

I leave tomorrow for Rodez, France to work on some land for a week, but truthfully I am not ready to leave Paris. I can't really afford to stay hear, but I would like to! I love, Love, LOVE Paris! I arrived at 8:30 Tuesday morning. I found my hostel ... Read more >

Tags: camera woes, crepe, montmartre, paris, sacre coeur, tour, tower

Berlin °°° Part Zwei

GERMANY | Monday, 6 Sep 2010 | Views [639] | Comments [1]

This weekend of Berlin put my first two days to shame, it was so much fun! I got to see a different side of Berlin. On Friday I saw the built up, yuppy side of the city. Over the weekend I got to really see the city and the people. I started off my ... Read more >

Tags: alternative tour, cake, flee market, giant fighting men, kareoke, mufasa doner kabab, paris

Berlin >>> The Ever Changing City

GERMANY | Monday, 6 Sep 2010 | Views [568]

I love Berlin so much more than I though I would! Actually, I didnt have any expectations. But none the less, I have really grown to like it here. There is alway so much happening! Most likely the reason being that there a several different parts of ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, free tour, locked out, the wall

Antsy Pantsy

CZECH REPUBLIC | Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010 | Views [535] | Comments [2]

So, Prague is wonderful and beautiful, but I am feeling really antsy here. I don't know if its because it is much smaller than Budapest, or that it has been raining, or because it was built up so much in my mind, but I am ready to leave. So I think I ... Read more >

Tags: antsy, drinks, lesson learned, money


CZECH REPUBLIC | Monday, 30 Aug 2010 | Views [452] | Comments [1]

Prague is such a cool city! There is SO much history here. The architecture ranges all over the place because of all the occupancy of different tribes and different dictating countries. And get this, there are a few vegan/vegetarian places here. I have ... Read more >

Tags: bummer of a hostel, castle, charles bridge, food, prague, reprieve from budapest, russian accent

In Prague

CZECH REPUBLIC | Sunday, 29 Aug 2010 | Views [296] | Comments [3]

I am about to go to bed, but I just wanted you to know *mom and dad* that I made it into Prague about 2 hours ago! I cant figure out how to use the at sign so that rules out facebook and email. Its 1.30 am here and I traveled a lot today, so off to bed ... Read more >

Tags: prague

Jó napot ( good day)

HUNGARY | Saturday, 28 Aug 2010 | Views [470] | Comments [1]

Today was such a good day! I slept in a little, had breakfast, then went and looked inside St. Stephens Basilica (beautiful huge church). I went and found a local coffee shop on a side street, which equals cheaper coffee. Here, its all espresso ... Read more >

Tags: great synagogue, parliment, st.stephens, train

Budapest >>> beautiful

HUNGARY | Friday, 27 Aug 2010 | Views [538]

I am so happy I took the advice from few good friends (Sophie, Holly, Wesley) to visit Budapest! Everything about it is beautiful!  Before I start bragging on Budapest, let me start at the beggining of my trip... Monday morning my mom and sister Amanda ... Read more >

Tags: budapest, dublin, falling

Night Before Takeoff

USA | Sunday, 22 Aug 2010 | Views [354] | Comments [4]

I am leaving tomorrow for my big trip!  I am so excited for the unknown and a tad apprehensive for the unknown.  I am just ready to be there already!  Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!  I JUST CAN'T WAIT So, tomorrow I leave STL at 13:40 and arrive at O'Hare.  After ... Read more >