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Calling Borchester Asylum inmates ...

GHANA | Monday, 8 February 2010 | Views [412] | Comments [6]

Ok, so apart from Barbara giving me a very brief resume about the goings-on in Ambridge before Christmas, (I think,) I don't have a clue what's happening.

How did they handle Phil's death? What's the latest in the Matt and Lilian saga? Who's married/divorced/had babies? There must be some news ...

Also who won the Death List comp last year? I'll buy the kids at the orphanage something as my contribution. I know it wasn't me that won (correct grammar?) - unless you come top for receiving Nuls Points. Anything happened so far this year?

Gin isn't so easy to get in this part of the world, unless at a pretty high expense so please can you ask Matron if it's ok for me to continue with the Mandingo. If she's not happy about it, I'll sneak it in through the side entrance, disguised as medicine in my first aid kit ...

If this blog posting doesn't make sense to you, don't worry, you're not going mad! It might become a little clearer when and if someone who's in the know, responds!



Have just spent a very enjoyable hour catching up with your wonderfully informative and evocative posts. It seems nothing much has changed in West Africa since I was there in 1975... Phil is still alive and kicking, but everything else in Ambridge is dire. Susan is whining about the shop, Annette has had an abortion (from a one night stand with Helen's crap Australian boyfriend) and left Ambridge and Helen is devastated, good riddance, Vicky is as appalling and loud as ever, Pip has an older boyfriend and David is about to have a heart attack about it, Jack is in The Laurels. I may have missed something out but that will give you, I hope, a taste of what you are (not) missing! Lots of deaths and I think Barbara is in the lead! Carry on enjoying your trip! Love, Luisa

  Luisa Feb 8, 2010 10:23 AM


Now I am cross!!! I am considering not reading your postings any more!! I didn't get to BF or Togo and now really wish I had made the time. SO-O-O-O-O so do not want to be here, but there instead.
Continue to be well and enjoy.
But don't expect me to be happy for you!! (Envy is such an unattractive emotion!)

  Wendy Feb 9, 2010 4:23 AM


Where is Ambridge and who are these people? Am I missing something?

Must be a soap but can't believe you are into them.

Have you seen a tv since you've been away?

  Carole G Feb 10, 2010 6:12 AM


Thanks Luisa for the summary. But how have they kept Phil alive? Is he on life support? Fancy Annette and Helen's BF getting together ... I'm not surprised that Helen is p*ssed off. She never seems to have any luck in love, poor girl.
Keep me informed. Also, do tell about the deaths. I might be upset about one or two. Or maybe one or two from my list have been lucky this year (no, you're right - why should this year be any different?!)
Carole - I can't believe that you don't listen to the Archers or even know of their existence! Although they do seem a million miles away from here right now.

  helen_in_africa Feb 11, 2010 3:37 AM


Helen didn't know the Australian lothario was the father of Annette's baby. She did enough weeping & wailing without that.

Phil died quietly on ... Friday I think? Jill & Chris came home from taking Peggy out for the day to stop her spending all her time with Jeck, and Jill found Phil peaceful in his chair.

Jill is organising everything; Kenton's getting stressed because he's the oldest man in the family and Alan, who appears to have had a voice transplant, is living in a tent for Lent.

Pip's boyfriend is 29 (I think). David was getting amusingly upset.

  GillB Feb 17, 2010 9:42 AM


Phil's funeral was on Tuesday and it was surprisingly moving. Loathsome Lizzie did a reading and sounded genuinely upset, so it can't have been her who smothered Phil in the armchair. It was probably Shula as she did the others. Shula had Reg and Bunty for lunch, so it seems she is now into cannibalism as well.
Hellin has decided she wants a baby after having failed to persuade Annette to give her hers. And Pat is supporting her in this madcap scheme! But what else would you expect?
Sooozan has irritated everyone on the Community shop committees so much that Pat has offered her a job in the dairy. And there has been an outbreak of graffiti in the toilets that nobody knew were on the village green.
Esha won last year's Death List, but I have scored 3 so far this year and it isn't March yet so it's looking promising.
Sadly, Jill's lovely cat Lily the Pink has died. She was one of the original asylum cats.
Now shall get back to catching up on your news. It's been a bit hectic here so have missed a couple of weeks.
Have fun!
Barbara xx

  Barbara Williams Feb 27, 2010 10:42 PM

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