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On the road, heading north....

VIETNAM | Thursday, 15 April 2010 | Views [757] | Comments [3]

incense burning in a pagoda

incense burning in a pagoda

Here I am again, now in Nha Trang Vietnam, Since my last blog I have seen a number of interesting places, Vietnam is so different to Cambodia, so much more developed, no comment on whether that is better or worse! I spent a fairly long period in Ho Chi Minh city, or Saigon as locals call it, as I was waiting for an extended visa, which seemed to take a while. This gave me a chance to get to know the city reasonably well, and also to experience living in intense heat, omg it was just killing. Impossible to be outside in the afternoons, so siestas were popular with me. Either that or sitting in airconditioned comfort with my friend Steve, sipping good quality wine in a jazzy cafe. I did the sightseeing tours also, and travelled downriver by hydrofoil to spend a day at Vaung Tau, at the Saigon river mouth. I found Saigon a busy bustling clean and vibrant city, the traffic has to be seen to be believed. It seems to me (unsubstantiated by any facts) that there are about 100 motorbikes to every car, bus truck etc. Crossing roads is to be dreaded! One day I was standing looking hopelessly across the road, plucking up the courage to take my life into my hands, when a vietnamese woman wordlessly tucked her arm into mine and led me across, weaving in and out of traffic most skillfully. There were no words from her, and at the end she just smiled as I said my thankyous, most gratefully and she went on her way - people are so kind and friendly and she did me such a favour, as now I am quite skilled myself at weaving through traffic. The little things that mean alot, and make great memories.....

Leaving Saigon finally, I headed by bus up into the mountain city of Dalat. Stunning french architecture, and spectacular views, what a surprise after the bus wended it's way up up up, narrow winding roads into the mountains, to find this big city! I found the high altitude affected my breathing, so only stayed 3 days, but went on a tour and managed to get a good look at the city and surrounds. It was so much cooler, no aircon or fan needed at night, lovely cool nights, and hot days but cool in the shade. They say it is the "Eternal Spring" city, and it did feel like spring, and of course, lush gardens and greenery everywhere, just gorgeous.

Next it was on to the beach city of Nha Trang, where I am now. I seem to keep coming back to beaches, Vietnam is like that, long skinny country with heaps of stunning beaches, and Nha Trang is no exception. Miles and miles of beach, all safe and good for swimming, and many many people. This seems to be a favourite tourist spot as there are very many here, along with the local people, enjoying the beach during the day and the lovely evenings. Not as cool as Dalat, but certainly not as hot as Saigon, the evenings are perfect temperature for being on the beach, just lovely. I have been on a boat trip visiting 4 different offshore islands, which included jumping off the boat to swim in the sea and enjoy the worst red wine ever on a "floating bar" (a piece of polystyrene on a rope) It was the most fun ever, swimming round in the deep ocean on a flimsy life saver ring, with a plastic glass of red wine which kept getting filled, and singing "Happy Birthday, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year", of which, of course it was none! Probably very dangerous and would be outlawed in health and safety conscious New Zealand, but over here, anything goes, and it was so much fun! Tomorrow I plan to take a ride on the longest cable car in Vietnam, which crosses the ocean to another island, where there is a "Water World" sounds like fun and worth a go! In a few days I will head north, hopefully by train, to the much talked about and highly recommended Hoi An, and do it all over again!



As usual you never fail to be amazed by the people ,culture,work and surrounds. how the hell you'll ever return to NZ beats me. Continue to live ,enjoy,and fill your brain with alternative lives to our Kiwi so called perfectness!!Who sais so!!!? Amazing,amazing!! Enjoy!!Much love little sis!!!Carolynxxxx

  Carolyn Bisley Apr 18, 2010 9:10 AM


Great to hear about your fun, The floating bar was what Deb went on the day I had sunstroke and staid in the hotel.Hoi Ann was fantastic and Deb got a lot of clothes for work..yes a lot of lovley memories

  Andrew Apr 21, 2010 8:47 AM


Hi Heather, how are you doing? I am Tam who on the bus with go to Phong Nha caves. Hopeful you stil remember me. :) Nice to know that you had a good trips in Vietnam and thanks for you think about Vietnam and Vietnamese people. Wish you always happy with your trips. Take care.

  Tam May 24, 2010 11:56 PM



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