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hither/thither A journal of my travels in 2008 I will be traveling to: New Zealand Costa Rica India East Africa

Trip: Northern India

There are [8] stories from my trip: Northern India

Letting go.

INDIA | Sunday, 27 Apr 2008 | Views [952] | Comments [1]

Well, Again I find it's been a while and I have so much to catch up. Bare with me. Assam. I loved Assam! When we finally reached the right side of the island it was like a fairy tale! Unbelievable. The island was lit up at night with a thousand fireflies ... Read more >

Love and Hate in the Dry Seasons.

INDIA | Monday, 14 Apr 2008 | Views [2556] | Comments [8]

A few days ago something happened. I reached a melting point where I began to hate India. I despised the way the place reeked of piss and rancid food and rotting trash and human waste. The trash thrown indiscriminately and in ridiculous amounts. ... Read more >

A Question of Charity (The World Wants To Be You!)

INDIA | Thursday, 10 Apr 2008 | Views [850] | Comments [1]

When I was traveling in Cambodia I read that the government had asked people not to give food, money, candy or handouts to street children. Candy for the obvious reason that there is no good health or dental care for people living on the street. The ... Read more >

So Long Farewell...

INDIA | Thursday, 10 Apr 2008 | Views [653]

We are finally getting out of here. Don't get me wrong, I love Kolkata, but our time here has been slightly annoying as things didn't seem to work in our favor much. We had planned to go on to Sunderbaans- fell through; See the Jain temples- closed; ... Read more >

Kolkata, My new more intense and dramatic love...

INDIA | Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Views [749]

I seem to never be sure where to begin when I sit down to write. Of course I'm always on the move and only have a bit of time at the computer when I get to use it. It's hard to convey not just the feelings of a place but also the effect of the place ... Read more >

A quick note on India, poverty and space.

INDIA | Monday, 31 Mar 2008 | Views [3159] | Comments [3]

Something that has been on mind a lot since I arrived here in India is space. The first thing I noticed upon arrival is the way people shove; stand so close they push up against you; pass their bags right in front of your face, sometimes literally ... Read more >

Darjeeling my love...

INDIA | Monday, 31 Mar 2008 | Views [717] | Comments [1]

Well- LONG strange journey for sure. Where to begin... Currently I am BACK in Darjeeling. But I'll start further back than that. New York was great, catching up with Jojo and Lisa and Adam was a blast. I got my first glance at my new apartment. That's ... Read more >

Gallery: India my love

INDIA | Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

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