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My First Backpacking Adventure

Adventures in Nam

CANADA | Thursday, 11 Feb 2010 | Views [837] | Comments [1]

Well Sihanoukville did a number to our team. We had a lost wallet, my camera broke and all 3 of us got horrible sunburns. Mine was soo bad that I had yellow blisters develop on my shoulders that still haven’t completely healed. We stayed ... Read more >

Tags: canyoning, chu chi tunnels, da lat, saigon

Photos: Vietnam

VIETNAM | Thursday, 11 Feb 2010 | Photo Gallery

Saigon, Da Lat
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Guns and Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 2 Feb 2010 | Views [1882] | Comments [3]

Kurt and I met up with his Cambodian buddy (Hack) and our friend Russ on our first full day in Cambodia. We hung out the first day catching up with Russ and made plans to meet up with Hack later that evening. We bought a bottle of Whiskey and Hack and ... Read more >

Tags: cambodia, genocide museam, gun range, killing fields, phnom penh

No Brakes in Cambodia

CANADA | Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 | Views [765] | Comments [7]

Kurt got feeling better the day after I got to Don Det, and decided to come down. I guess he took a songthaw, which is more local transport and shared the journey with many local people and animals. While I waited for him to come I rented a bicycle ... Read more >

Tags: cambodia

Running from the Rain

CANADA | Sunday, 24 Jan 2010 | Views [1069] | Comments [3]

The rain chased us from Vang Vien. Kurt told me it was a shame I didn’t get to tube down the river and get drunk from the river side bars as is the custom, but the rain ruined things. So Kurt and I decided to keep moving south and maybe we ... Read more >

Tags: don det, sleeper bus

Rivers and Waterfalls

LAOS | Thursday, 21 Jan 2010 | Views [1030] | Comments [3]

I left Chiang Mai a couple of days ago now. But the last time I posted was four days ago so I'll start from where I left off. The last night we were in Chiang Mai we went out for supper with the locals Kurt met. They came by our guest house to pick ... Read more >

Tags: chiang mai, laos, luang prabang, thailand

Photos: The Mekong and Laos

LAOS | Wednesday, 20 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Sunday, 17 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Saturday, 16 Jan 2010 | Views [866] | Comments [3]

The train ride was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It turned out that the seats reclined and were soft contrary to what the man who I bought the train ticket said. So that was a bonus, and seeing as I was exhausted from minimal sleep ... Read more >

Tags: chiang mai

Balmy in Bangkok

CANADA | Thursday, 14 Jan 2010 | Views [474] | Comments [2]

Soo I just wrote a big message and I tried to post it and I lost it completely. So that sucks a big one, I will probably keep this one shorter. This city is amazing. The people are friendly, everything is cheap and relatively clean and the weather is ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok

Photos: Bangkok

CANADA | Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Chilly in Chicago

USA | Sunday, 10 Jan 2010 | Views [561] | Comments [1]

Hello from Chicago, So it is 7:30 and I am at the Days Inn in Chicago. It is quite cold here and there is a lot more snow than in Saskatoon. The trip was quite uneventful, but since I have nothing else to do(Nfl playoffs are done for the night, good ... Read more >

Tags: chicago, planes

Photos: My Pics From Home

CANADA | Saturday, 9 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Test Post

CANADA | Saturday, 9 Jan 2010 | Views [405] | Comments [1]

Hello, This is just a test post to make sure everything is working fine. I will be leaving in just 2 days! I can't believe it... I will try my best to post regularly and keep this blog up to date with my travels, no guarantees though.

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