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Whispering tales of Magic

About hannah_white

Hello All,

Those who already know me you can skip this bit lol, for those who don't, I'm a 6 ft Scandinavian looking blond with a degree in nuclear physics.

OK, so those who know me and carried on reading, you can stop laughing, pick yourself up of the floor and confirm that the following information is more like the truth.

I laugh, I sing, I enjoy life. I am a good friend who believes everyone is special, and that everyone deserves to be happy.

I found myself being made redundant a few years ago, and this opened up a world of opportunities, literlly!

Spending a summer in Irelnd, winters in the French Alps, Cruising the UK canal network on a narrowboat, Thailand and plans to backpack around the world.

I have started this blog early, so you can be involved in the preparation, of which i am sure there will be plenty, starting with buying my tickets (which i still need to do!)

So read, laugh with me, hey come visit and join me while i hunt down the Leprechauns!!

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