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Pre-trip Holiday to Turkey

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 30 August 2009 | Views [693]

As last minute holidays go Turkey was fantastic!!! I wasn't supposed to be going anywhere before i move to Australia so booking a trip and going two weeks later was great!! The weather was fantastic, the beach gorgeous and i made loads of friends. I couldn't have wished for a better time.... i just wish it had lasted longer!!!!

On the first full day i had a turkish bath and massage, which was hilarious. Being dragged around and tickled by a half naked turkish man on a marble slab covered in soap suds had to be the most surreal experience ever. The relaxing oil massage afterwards helped, although i was a bit scared to go out in the sunshine incase my skin frazzled!!!

The beach was gorgeous and the sun shined non stop all day!! There wasn't a cloud in the sky for the entire holiday and there was nothing better than having a quick dip in the sea followed by a dry off on a sun lounger............

One of the better trips was the boat trip with scuba diving!!! I'd never been scuba diving before so i was s*@t scared as they dressed me up in all the gear and then walked me to the edge of the boat. Its a wonder actually i didn't topple over the edge because the equipment was that heavy but somehow i managed to stand at the side and walk off the boat!! And that was it!! I now love scuba diving although i have to say i could do with a little more practice!! I don't think i was supposed to float off back to the surface and need to be rescued.............

The only other trip we could fit in was the jeep safari which was fcuking hilarious!! People of all ages being driven around in jeeps with the music blaring in possession of several bottles of water and a water pistol gun. Needless to say we didn't stay very dry for most of the day. Lucky me i also got picked up and dumped in a bath full of freezing cold water during the morning and just because i'd dried off a little bit i got thrown into a waterfall in the afternoon............... There was no bottom to the waterfall and i fully expected to lose my shoes as i swam back to the side. It was not the most flattering throw in either, as someone grabbed my hands and another my feet as they shouted one, two, three................... in front of a rather large crowd!!! As much fun as it was i think i'll stay a bit further away from the edge next time!!

Apart from those trips and going to the beach we spent most of the week in a rather cool karaoke bar called Captains where you actually get dragged up onto the bar!! Its the best place to go in the evenings!!

Well thats it for my pre-trip holiday to Turkey. If i wasn't going to Australia i'm sure i'd be back there soon..........

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