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Adventures of the Fittons

Sunday 13th November 11, Phuket, Thailand

THAILAND | Monday, 14 November 2011 | Views [313]

After a lot of flying and very little sleep due to a group of Indian men on the flight  who thought it completely acceptable to yell repeatedly at their buddy’s at the back of the plane and in the mean time bang into our seats and keep the whole flight awake at 2 am. We finally arrive in Phuket and treat ourselves on a nice hotel. We are delighted with the standard of the room, with a hot shower and aircon and a pool downstairs. The beach is close by and as we are staying away from the main party place nice and quiet. It does take some adaptation to go from a society in which women hardly talk at all to one in which the lady’s of lesser virtue sit in front of the bars in their outfits that let little to the imagination in broad daylight and in the party town pretend to be massuses when showing off their legs as we drive by in our taxi. It always surprises me to see how many women are around and how little men in these places. You would almost start to believe that they have a lot more women here. But I’m afraid it has a lot more to do with the fact that a lot of men come here for less admirable purposes and the more elegant one are looking for a Thai wife and the women here are more then happy to full fill that wish.  Either way they are not to be found on the beaches, they are either not allowed when unaccompanied, or want to keep their skin out of the sun to keep as light as possible. In Asia it seems impossible to buy face cream without whitening agent in it that promises you that you skin will go at least 3 tones lighter making you look like a European. It’s a funny world in which we do the opposite.

                Either way, I’m happy to be in Thailand, where the streets are clean, they did invent the dustbin and you rarely get hassled. Plus they have nice food with loads of veggies and the weirdest and most tasty fruit ever. They go buy names as dragon fruit, which is bright pink and about the size of an orange and has weird sort of thorn leaves on them, when you cut them open they reveals either pink or white flesh with little pits and they taste a bit like a kiwi. Then there are the lychee like fruits, but here are covers in tentacle like fur, and of course Grahams favourite, the monkey fruit. Which is aubergine coloured and has a sweet flesh inside.

      After getting some rest and recovered from our Indian adventures we travel onto Kho Phi Phi,


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